14th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

Previously, I have shared with you incidents of negligence on road, most of which had happened years ago. But numerous road accidents with same reasons are still occurring unabated. In one recent incidence, a young Army Officer has lost his life in a road accident in Rajasthan a couple of days ago. Even now, there is huge lack of awareness as well as indifferent behavior of common public as well as authorities towards following the traffic rules in India. A major transformation in attitude is needed from seeing the safety on road as penalty viewpoint to safety viewpoint.

With your help in spreading awareness amongst people of India as well as world-over, we can move forward this mission towards zero accident. YOU will not loose any big thing if you reach / arrive late at any place, at any time. Even missing a flight is not dearer than loosing a life.

In this incident, a 30-year-old army personnel was killed and two jawans got injured after their Car (Gypsy) collided with a speeding four-wheeler (Innova) during night hours of 7th December 2021. The deceased army personnel was a Major in Indian Army. According to the information, Major died on the spot of the accident. He was travelling to Jodhpur, sitting in the front seat of his vehicle when the accident took place. He was returning from after taking part in a programme organized at the Longewala area on Tuesday. His wife is also a Major and is deployed in army medical core and they have a five-year-old son. Indian army has lost one of its brave officers.


1. YOU must lower than speed of your vehicle while travelling during night hours and even early morning.

2. Authorities must ensure that the roads are well lit and are free from potholes which sometimes become cause of road accident taking toll of human lives.

3. Every road users will have to be made aware about the importance of traffic rules, especially overspeeding which had taken and are still taking substantial share of human lives on roads.

4. EVERYONE of us must inculcate habit of taking care of fellow road users while on road, at the times.

Seeking your kind cooperation to move forward with the mission towards ZERO Accident….VM

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

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