Authorities….must rise

1st and 2nd photos were captured couple of days ago, from front and rear side of a particular section of a NH connecting Kharar and Banur in Punjab

It’s question of life, may be lives. Authorities must rise above their planned and stipulated works and must not ignore the physical conditions on road. They need to make sure that no harm is done to anyone on road.

I have been seeing this from months, everyday on my way to office. You would have understood that if the branch gets break due to severe winds on any day and fell on the road. Same may prove to be fatal for any passing vehicle/pedestrian. YOU need to be informed and move safely till such physical issues are rectified by concern authorities.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

16 thoughts on “Authorities….must rise

  1. A good point, VM. In Mumbai also, I have seen such mishaps endangering lives. In two cases during rainy season, three pedestrians lost their lives. Forestry and traffic police should ensure that weak branches are removed, particularly before rainy season starts.

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    1. Very unfortunate for them who had lost their lives due to indifferent attitude of concerned authorities.
      As mentioned by you, the authorities must act proactively for the weak / hanging branches otherwise someone may fall prey to the inaction and the delay in removing such branches.
      Thank you Kaushal ji for your understanding and remarks at this platform🙏

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    1. Forest deptt. and Municipal authorities need to perform their duties well. Every one should bring their issues into attention of concerned Govt. Authorities so that they can take action according. More of raising such issues will make the authorities to know what works are to be done from their end.
      Thank you Reena ji, for your participative remarks. 🌹💐


  2. Uprooting of roadside trees and damaged poles is also major causes of most of the accidents which is usually ignored by the authorities It is good that you have highlighted it


  3. Uprooting of roadside trees and damaged poles is also a major causes of most of the accidents which is usually ignored by the authorities it is good that you have highlighted it

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    1. My present post is having the aim to make concerned authorities realize lest it becomes too late for anyone who fall prey to sudden breaking of such hanging branches of trees 🌳, here and there.
      Thank you, Jag Mohan ji for your participative and encouraging remarks.


  4. This could be disastrous for people during monsoon as you highlighted. But it could result in road blockages too. Authorities must consider this issue ASAP. I appreciate your observation 👍.

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    1. Thank you Anagha for your understanding about the issue. Your appreciation will motivate me and many others to be aware and impress upon the authorities to correct the things for the safety of people.


  5. Certainly very informative….. In these photos it is clearly visible that these branches are weak and can fell anytime resulting in an irreparable loss of the passing vehicles and pedestrians. I admire your observations.👏🏻


    1. Yes, you have emphasized it well for Administration to keep regular check on old & weak trees. Further, they must take corrective action, without delay. There may be fatal accident/s during such delay.
      Thank you, Pranav for your understanding and participative remarks🙏


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