2 different perceptives at 1 instance

Above photos were taken about 3 weeks ago at Godrej Chowk, on Airport Road, Mohali

It is evident from the above 2 photos (first one captured in the direction of movement and second one on the right side) that there are few motorists who don’t care while crossing even major road intersection which had witnessed many fatal accidents in the past and thus are considered as accident prone. The other perspective is staying back before zebra crossing at red signal which is good practice to remain safe, with supplemental benefit of giving safe road crossing way. Hope women motorists must understand and follow it more diligently because they are key members of their families and are backbone of the society and thereby play key role in nation building.

Wish YOU would like to understand it and will not cross the zebra crossing at red light signals under any situation. It is also worth to mention here that not all road cross sections have zebra crossing marked for it. If it is there, all of us must respect them for the sake of our safety as well as safety of all others, around us.

Government Authorities must make consistent efforts for keeping all road users aware about safety aspects so that happening of accidents may be avoided.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

17 thoughts on “2 different perceptives at 1 instance

  1. The vehicles were “on” the zebra lines which made me cross in front (of the vehicles) while it’s red and then the 18-wheeler truck hit me (when it turned green) just when I’ve crossed the line to the other side of the road. And so I’m a person with disability now.

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    1. It was very unfortunate. Had the safety aspect for the pedestrians been understood by all there at that time, you would haven’t been hit by the truck. Even if the fault was on part of others, you had become the victim at that instance.
      Hope, you will guide all your family and friends about keeping safety as top priority while moving outside. A little delay in reaching destination can save one from an major injury or disability.
      Wish you happy and healthy times ahead💐🌹

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      1. Unfortunate accident Very sorry for the incident narrated by the effected victim Narration of such type of incident would Certainly help the others to take appropriate steps for the safety of self and others

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  2. Unfortunate, indeed. And for some reason, even if I’m not thinking about it anymore, there are still nights that I dream of crossing the pedestrian lane and being hit by that 18-wheeler truck.

    Thank you and wishing you the same. 😊😘😗

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  3. You have perfectly depicted the difference between the different perspectives of people about zebra crossing rules. We must obey atleast the basic safety rules setup by the government as our safety is majorly in our hands.

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  4. Beautiful pics, so appropriate here. Whether it’s traffic signal or zebra crossing, these have been made to facilitate safe and smooth traffic, but if we violate such safety norms, the mishaps are bound to occur. When there is no constable on a crossing, most of us tend to cross red signal thinking that nothing will happen. It’s a fallacy that we should avoid.

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    1. Kaushal ji, you have mentioned the importance of traffic signal & zebra crossing, their ignorance, present thinking (largely) and valuable suggestion very excellently. Thank you for mentioning your understanding and encouraging others not to disregard zebra crossings.

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  5. Govt authorities are also responsible in many ways for accidents. Here in Chennai trash deposits are everywhere occupying sides of the roads which creates traffic jams. Also public too is irresponsible and throwing trash on the roads. The change and responsibilities should be in every individual. Many manholes are not closed properly which are also causing accident for two wheelers.

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    1. You have mentioned local situation prevailing in Chennai very well. Govt. Authorities must do their part efficiently and road users need to behave responsibly for maintaining cleanliness and adopt safe driving. Thank you, Padmaja for participating actively at this platform 🙏

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