Yes, It is for YOU too ….


Only Things to Do:

  1. Understand Safety on Road
  2. Make Safe/Defensive Driving your Habit
  3. Always follow the Principle – See and Be Seen
  4. Take Care of your Fellow Movers and don’t Overspeed.
  5. If Non-Vehicular, Move Cautiously. Cross road only through Zebra crossing if it is there, nearby.
  6. Don’t Drive if Feel Asleep, Fatigue or unwell
  7. Keep your Vehicle Fit. In case of any fault, get it fixed before driving further.
  8. Turn direction indicator of your vehicle on, without fail before crossing another direction of vehicle flow. It is a must to have rear mirrors on two wheelers and to use them.
  9. If from the Authorities, Act and Maintain 3Es i.e. Education, Engineering and Enforcement

I wish YOU to be part of the mission of achieving ultimate goal of Zero Accident.

52 thoughts on “Yes, It is for YOU too ….

  1. Yes it is true that our lives are really very important and thus we need to drive carefully and follow all the traffic rules. Thank you sir for such a motivational blog.

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  2. Right. It’s stating the obvious, but has to be done because “we” don’t learn – till we end up in hospital, or worse. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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    1. Every individual is concerned. So, everyone has to do his/her part sincerely including road safety as habit, not for the sake of avoiding challan of traffic police.
      Thank you for your inclusive remark, Vivek.


  3. Your suggestion are very appreciable. Everyone should follow them for their own safety as well as for others


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