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This all is due to your cooperation and support, towards zero accident. But, it is just starting phase of the journey.

Still, Miles to Go……

I would also like to share the coincidence that today is my 50th birthday.

Authorities need to wakeup, YOU too..

The above photos are intended to highlight the following concerns which are self evident:

A. The laxity on the part of authorities in controling movement of stray animals will be dangerous to YOU, while on road. More so, when you are driving a 2 wheeler.

B. With the road side vendors available, if YOU, as road user riding any vehicle need to purchase that item, you will have to stop there, for which if you are a riding on 4 wheeled vehicle, the stopping of your vehicle will hinder the movement of following vehicles. As it is not expected, the 2 wheeler following your vehicle may need to stop, all of a sudden. Same may result in fatal accident, if such incident happens on setting of the Sun and after closing of offices/works, in your city.

Seeking your kind cooperation by doing best possible on your part, to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

14th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

Previously, I have shared with you incidents of negligence on road, most of which had happened years ago. But numerous road accidents with same reasons are still occurring unabated. In one recent incidence, a young Army Officer has lost his life in a road accident in Rajasthan a couple of days ago. Even now, there is huge lack of awareness as well as indifferent behavior of common public as well as authorities towards following the traffic rules in India. A major transformation in attitude is needed from seeing the safety on road as penalty viewpoint to safety viewpoint.

With your help in spreading awareness amongst people of India as well as world-over, we can move forward this mission towards zero accident. YOU will not loose any big thing if you reach / arrive late at any place, at any time. Even missing a flight is not dearer than loosing a life.

In this incident, a 30-year-old army personnel was killed and two jawans got injured after their Car (Gypsy) collided with a speeding four-wheeler (Innova) during night hours of 7th December 2021. The deceased army personnel was a Major in Indian Army. According to the information, Major died on the spot of the accident. He was travelling to Jodhpur, sitting in the front seat of his vehicle when the accident took place. He was returning from after taking part in a programme organized at the Longewala area on Tuesday. His wife is also a Major and is deployed in army medical core and they have a five-year-old son. Indian army has lost one of its brave officers.


1. YOU must lower than speed of your vehicle while travelling during night hours and even early morning.

2. Authorities must ensure that the roads are well lit and are free from potholes which sometimes become cause of road accident taking toll of human lives.

3. Every road users will have to be made aware about the importance of traffic rules, especially overspeeding which had taken and are still taking substantial share of human lives on roads.

4. EVERYONE of us must inculcate habit of taking care of fellow road users while on road, at the times.

Seeking your kind cooperation to move forward with the mission towards ZERO Accident….VM

13th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

In this post, I would like to bring before YOU the case of Road rage behind the killing of an Airline company manager in January 2021. Unidentified persons shot dead a 40-year-old man in front of his apartment in Patna, India. Bullets were pumped into the man when he was waiting for the gates of his apartment to open after returning from office on 12th January 2021. Four persons on two motorcycles had gone to kill the man near his apartment and they fled after committing the crime. No criminal record of the arrested person was found in the City. The arrested man confessed to killing the man after making four attempts on his life. The man was a motorcycle lifter and those used for the shooting of the Airline manager were also stolen ones. The motive behind the murder, police said that the arrested man’s bike had met with an accident after being hit by the man’s SUV, which was coming from the opposite direction about two months ago. The accused man told that he had a miraculous escape and that there was a brawl between the two after the incident, which had left him angry. The police cracked the case after about 3 weeks.

Important Take:

1. YOU must not involve in an altercation whatever may be the situation, time or place. You can not predict the response of the other person/s on the opposite side. YOU may not foresee the aftereffects of that altercation.

2. Even if it may be the fault of the other person, YOU must not do anything in retaliation at the same time or even afterwards.

3. While on road, YOU must keep in mind that any kind of haste leads to results that might be devastating to the family of one of two sides and may bring a bad name to the person/family of the other.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Should we wait for mishap to occur first!!

Above are the photos taken at a prominent traffic light point located in Mohali, Punjab

I would like to draw your attention to the aggregates lying on the road. Most likely, these might have fallen from the commercial vehicle carrying it, while taking turn at this light point.

These aggregates may pose more threat to the 2 wheel riders which may skid while moving on this road, till these aggregates are removed from the road. Should we wait for any mishap to occur first, then only the authorities will take corrective action.

Important Take:

1. All of us must act according to the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Owner of commercial vehicles must not load their vehicle beyond its capacity and cover it from top so that such accident prone situations are avoided. 2. Government Authorities must adopt all possible awareness measures and must take stern actions to the violators.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

12th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

Here, in the below mentioned incident which happened in March 2017, a 4 year old boy was mowed down by his own school bus.

Source: TNS

In this tragic incident, as the bus driver was on leave on that day, its conductor was driving the bus. the bus did not have any First Aid Kit for the bus students, both was complete violation of the safety norms of ‘Surakshit School Vahan Policy’. The accident took place at about 10 AM when the bus reached the school. The driver started reversing the bus in a hurry to park the vehicle and in doing so, the boy came under the wheels. The boy received severe injuries on his chest. He died after few hours of treatment in a private hospital. Surprisingly, the police were informed only after the boy was declared dead.

Important Take:

1. The school bus / van must be driven by its specified driver. If for any exigency the driver is not coming, a substitute driver must come to drive the vehicle, instead of conductor of the bus driving the bus. If substitute driver is not available, the bus should not ply on that day. The money saved in replacing the driver of bus with its conductor may prove to be devastating for entire family of the affected child. The school authorities must make sure that no laxity be observed for such replacement of driver on any day.

2. All children using the school transport must be made aware and it is of utmost necessity for them to learn that he/she should not go behind the vehicle at any point of time, even for crossing the road / path.

3. Concerned Govt. Authorities must be strict to all stakeholders for getting complied the safety rules, especially those which are directly related to school children. Having taken certain strict action against the guilty will result in minimizing the occurrence of incidents similar to the one that has been under deliberation.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Finally, Who will be the looser ??

Video clip 1
Video clip 2

The above video clips have been taken at around 7:00 PM couple of days ago on a busy road in Mohali city.

After seeing the above clips, YOU must realize that the persons doing such haste driving will be looser in long run. A small mistake/negligence may result in fatal accident.

Government Authorities can try their level best to enforce the laws under motor vehicle act. But before that it is YOU, me and others who as individuals have invariably to choose safety, over any other factors while driving on road.

I think, YOU have got my concern and will act wisely henceforth.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident.

11th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

Further in this series, I would like to mention following incident happened in December’2013 which must be shared with all mothers as well children.

Source: TNS

Here in this incident, a four year old girl was killed after hitting by a MUV near a Government Hospital in Chandigarh. The speeding SUV hit the child when the girl was crossing the road with her mother. Her mother had come to the hospital for the girl’s check-up. Her mother and she were crossing the road in front of hospital when the Car hit her. After that the Car rammed into divider and landed on other side of the road. As per eyewitnesses, while the mother escaped unhurt, the child flung into the air after being hit by the Car. Commuters waiting for a bus rushed the child to the hospital where she was declared brought dead. The police arrested the accused from the spot and registered a case at their police station in Chandigarh. The deceased was the only child of their parents who were planning to admit her to a school. “This is the end of the world for me” were the words of her mother, after the tragic incident.

The various apparent aspects which would have saved the innocent child and would not have shattered the dreams of the family are:

  1. The person driving the MUV would have been moving at controllable speed.
  2. The mother would have crossed the road carefully.
  3. If there would had been marked lane with traffic lights for crossing the road for people visiting the hospital.

Important Take:

  1. YOU while driving a car / 2 wheeler on any road around busy areas e.g. hospitals, schools, colleges, must move slow enough so that no one would get hit by your vehicle.
  2. If YOU are crossing a road, YOU must not use a mobile phone for making/receiving calls during the road crossing.
  3. While crossing any busy road, YOU must cross the road attentively. You must not even talk to your accompanied persons including children during the road crossing time.
  4. Government authorities must make marked lanes with traffic lights for crossing all the roads around the busy areas e.g. hospitals, schools, colleges, commercial complexes, market places, etc.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident.

Good things…worth appreciation

The above picture was taken around 3PM a couple of days before in Mohali, Punjab.

Here as you see, most of vehicles are following Lane Driving, which has to be appreciated.

By doing so, all vehicles will pass the road cross section with minimum road space and in least time. In addition, there will be nil chance of road rage.

If YOU are also following the road discipline, as shown by the persons of above vehicles, you are good road user and amongst the best citizens of the country.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident.