Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 10

In present post, I would like to draw your attention to the road accident that might have changed worlds of many families.

In the incident which happened at 5:10 AM on 20th March 2021, a high end car first hit a taxi (car) so hard that the taxi rolled for number of times and its occupants came out of the vehicle. In said incident three people were killed and other three people injured as the inebriated 18-year-old driving the luxury car allegedly jumped the red light signal at Radha Soami (Godrej) Chowk in Mohali, Punjab (India) and rammed his car into a taxi and then hit two cyclists. Two occupants of the taxi and a cyclist died, while three people sustained injuries in the crash. The police have booked the person driving the luxury car and his two friends, who were accompanying him at the time of incident. Police said the three in the luxury car were drunk when the accident took place. The three youth of luxury car fled after the crash, neither did they inform the police nor called an ambulance. The police recovered empty bottles of liquor from the luxury vehicle. In initial report, police said that the person driving the vehicle did not have a driving license. A criminal case for culpable homicide not amounting to murder as well as for criminal conspiracy was registered against the accused under sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) at the local police station. Police said that Investigations will be completed in the next two weeks, and the court will be asked to conduct a speedy trial to give an exemplary punishment to the culprits.

It may be noted here that stated fatal accident could have been averted if

  1. The person driving the luxury car would have been stopped at the red light signal.
  2. The taxi driver would have lowered speed of his vehicle to minimum while moving through that road crossing.
  3. The cyclists would have been much vigilant at the area around the road crossing and slowed down before passing that road crossing.
  4. The government authorities would have executed preventive measures so that possibilities of such incidents are minimum.

Important Take:

  • If YOU are driving a four wheeled vehicle, that too a high end luxury one which is supposed to be not damaged by a hit by a non-luxury car, must take care of other normal four wheeled vehicles plying on the roads. YOU must stop at red light signal whatever may be the time, place or circumstances. Otherwise, incident mentioned above will reoccurred, in future also.
  • YOU, if are driving a 4 / 2 wheeled vehicles, must pass any road crossing at a slower speed and at a lowest speed at late night and early morning hours.
  • Officials of Government Authorities must take due cognizance of the state of road and take immediate steps to execute all possible safety measures at site. The authorities should not wait for tendering or other official paper work for plugging any holes / potholes so that any human life is not lost due to delay in making good the roads.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident.

Wish, YOU will not do this…

Above are two clips derived from a single photo taken after office hours, today (on 10.11.2021) in Mohali, Punjab (India)

YOU must learn from the above photos that if one parks his car or any other four wheeled vehicle in a haphazard manner, more space will be consumed for parking and thereafter succeeding vehicles will take more time to cross traffic light points in big/metropolitan cities. Under such scenario, the trailing vehicles will try to overspeed to cross green signal even when it turns yellow or even turning to red. In such hurry, there are more likely that fatal accident may happen which may result into death of innocent people. In certain cases, incidents of road rage may crop-up from situations arising due to haphazard moving/parking of vehicles.

YOU must give due consideration to good driving habits and make safe/defensive driving your habit to remain safe & happy with your family.

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 9

In the present post, you will see how negligence had taken the life of a police officer of Punjab (India) during the year 2017.

News Clip of Road accident during 2017

In the above incident, 26 year old woman sub-inspector of Tarn Taran was killed by a speeding 4 wheeled vehicle which jumped the red light signal in Jalandhar hitting the police SI. The said police officer was driving 2 wheeler and was heading to police station. The police officer was first taken to govt. hospital and then referred to private hospital, where she was declared brought dead. The occupants of the 4 wheeler fled the spot, after the incident. However, FIR was filed against the driver under various section of IPC.

It can be noted here that the deceased couldn’t get treatment due to a delay in the process. Apparently, due to not having the required medical officer/machines or equipments, she was referred to a private hospital and the process of first taking her to government hospital and later to the private hospital took considerable time which was crucial in getting initial treatment to the accident victim. 

Important Take:

  1. YOU need to understand the importance of the speed of the motor vehicle you are driving as well as of the other vehicles around, more so when you are approaching a road crossing, where the speed must be at the lowest level.
  2. YOU must practice and make it your habit not to jump red light signals. YOU, if driving a 4 wheeled vehicle, must bear in your mind that you have to take care of riders on 2 wheelers, as they (including 3 wheelers) are comparatively less balanced vehicles plying on roads. YOUR small mistake/negligence may prove fatal to the driver/riders of the 2/3 wheeled vehicles.
  3. If YOU are driving a 2 wheeled vehicle, YOU must follow the principle “See and Be Seen” as you will be less likely to be hit by bigger vehicles, if their drivers can be able to see you.
  4. Government Authorities must make arrangements so that all persons driving any type of motor vehicle have to slow down to the extent so that no fatal accident may happen in the future.

Driving at High beam, Is it okay??

Most of us, many times lend our helping hand in many ways, mostly for the things that were aftereffects of incidents, already happened e.g. blood donation, helping financially to the accident affected persons. Why isn’t for before the incidence, which if done, many misfortunate incidences could be avoided.

I would like to share my today’s bitter experience, for your awareness and making correction in driving habits, particular to drive vehicle on low beam.

Photo for representing vehicle with high beam

Today I had to go out of station for some emergency. I was to take cab for going to Chandigarh railway station from my residence in Mohali. Being early morning, I couldn’t get cab, so I had to take my two wheeler to reach railway station. In a stretch of about 20-25 km, there were many instances where there was no/non-functional road lights. On my way, I had encountered more than 100 vehicles coming from opposite side of road moving with high beam headlights. Due to same, I even had to make headlights of my vehicle blinking for numerous times to see the road, where there was dark on the road. But, to utter surprise, most of the rides didnit lower the beam of their vehicles while crossing my vehicle. I had to lower speed of my vehicle, to the minimum to avoid collision with vehicles coming from opposite direction.

Important Take: YOU must use headlights of your vehicle very wisely so that the vehicles, especially 2 wheeled, coming from opposite direction & crossing your vehicle may not harm either of two. Keep in mind, a 2 wheeled vehicle may get unbalanced during emergency stopping. Help your ownself and all fellow rides to remain safe while moving on road, all the times, especially during dark hours.

Govt. Authorities must ensure that all motorable roads are well lit. If any gaps are there, they must put alert signage to avoid any untoward incident. Life of all, are equally important.

What about rules n safety..

The above photo is taken on one of key roads in Mohali, during last week.

Here, you can note that the above motorcycle rider is carrying milk cans on both sides of motorcycle, which is breaking the motor vehicle rules and poses following dangers to the fellow vehicles:

1. Motorcycle may imbalance at any point of time.

2. The Milk-Can carrying hook may give way, at any moment. Thereby, one of milk-can may drop on road and may lead to road accident, all of a sudden.

Hope YOU would have understood the intended purpose of sharing this post and will discourage such things to happen. Government Authorities must take serious note of above and make all persons using their 2 wheelers for such/similar purposes, not to carry on like this.

Mishaps on Roads are occurring, Unabated

In present post, which is different from my previous weekend post is having recent news on road accidents, for which majority of people show indifferent attitude.

Source: The Hindustan Times, dated 21st October 2021

I would like to highlight here that all the three incidences of road accidents were happened on same day, news of which was published on 21st October’2021.

In 1st news, an accident happened whereby two labourers on a 2-wheeler was hit by a bus. One of two motorcyclist, 25-year-old lost his life, while his friend was injured in the accident. The bus driver who stopped after the incident, was arrested thereafter and he was booked for rash driving, causing hurt by act endangering life and causing death due to negligence.

In 2nd news, a 65 years old woman pedestrian was hit by a car when she was out for a walk and got injured after which she was taken to Government hospital. She died during treatment in the hospital. The car driver (61 YO) was arrested. He was booked for rash driving, causing death due to negligence.

In 3rd news, a youth lost his life after his motorcycle was hit by a speeding truck which rammed his bike, on a national highway. The youth died on the spot. The truck driver fled the spot after the incident, leaving his vehicle behind. He was booked for rash driving and causing death due to negligence.

Important Take:

1. If driving a 2 wheeled vehicle, YOU must practice defensive driving for all 4 wheeled vehicles plying around you and safe driving for all non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians moving enroute, as of yours.

2. If you are a pedestrian, YOU must take care of yourself and move with patience while on road or on footpath, shunning the mindset that the persons driving vehicles around you will take care of you, all the times.

3. All persons driving 4 wheeled vehicles including heavy vehicles must take care of fellow movers riding 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles, non-motorised vehicles and pedestrians.

Hope YOU understand all the above takes and will start acting wisely from now onwards and practice safe/defensive moving habits.

This haste will lead to ….

Do you you??

Whose subject is this???

I consider, it is mine. I am concerned. YOU and everyone in your family and all your dear ones must give utmost importance to safety on road.

Why we do such things..and repent later

Above photos were taken couple of days ago, in a residential sector in Mohali. Here you can see persons driving the cars have parked their vehicle wrongly, partly on the road in front of a temple.

YOU need to know above catch has important learning viz. YOU must not park your vehicle near road intersections, also not to park your vehicle partly on road. You must park your vehicle at a safe place, may be at some distance away.

If above correction is not made, there might be incident of Hit & run or Road rash. A small mistake may lead to harsh consequences.

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 8

Firstly, I would like to thank YOU for associating with me for understanding safety on road and hopefully YOU will help me in moving forward towards zero accident.

Unfortunately, with only 1 per cent of the world’s vehicles, India accounts for 11 per cent of the global death in road accidents, the highest in the world, according to a report by the World Bank.

Though I have been posting certain incidents that had happened years back, but those still give us wakeup call to Adopt, Follow and be Habitual of safe/defensive driving, for all road users and enforcing all road safety measures without any loose end by the Government Authorities so that safety of all citizens can be ensured without any compromise.

In present post you will see how carelessness had taken big toll claiming lives of 5 persons including 3 girl students of a college of Chandigarh (India) on March 14 2015.

Five people, including three girls died and two others were seriously injured as a SUV they were travelling in collided with a stationary truck on a flyover under construction on NH-1 near sector-6, Karnal in the wee hours of Saturday. TRIBUNE PHOTO: RAVI KUMAR

Here the apparent reasons one or more of which may have lead to devastation to families of deceased are:

  • Not taking up the safety measure required to be taken by the construction agency during construction period of work.
  • Not taking care by the truck driver who had left his vehicle in such state that may invite incident of road accident
  • Not checking by Government Authorities whether the safety measures were being followed by the construction firm on the under-construction flyover site on the highway.
  • Distracted driving by person, driving the SUV
Important Take:

1. Persons driving any vehicle during late night and early morning hours must have to be more vigilant while driving and have to drive at speed lower than their normal speed.

2. Occupants of four wheeled and any other heavy vehicles must take care that the person driving their vehicle does not get distracted while driving, at any moment.

3. Government Authorities has to be strict for enforcement of safety measure to be taken up by the construction companies for all the road construction / upgradation projects.

4. Construction agencies must strictly follow all safety measures for every road construction/upgradation project during course of the project, irrespective of anything else.

Need to shun the attitude “sab chalta hai”

Photo at Kharar Landran Road, Mohali

On seeing in detail the above photos, you will find here wrong state of affair in respect of followings:

Wrongly placed movable disply advertisement material on drain cover, which with other drain covers collectively are used as footpath.

Wrongly parked car, that too in wrong direction.

Important Take: The above scenario and habits may lead to accidents and can be fatal for pedestrians and cyclists who run on leftmost lane of roads in India and such other countries. Government Authorities need to adopt educative and all preventive measures so that such things donot happen, without fail.