Safe/Defensive Driving, YOU have No Other Option

If not yet, let me make YOU understand the usual approach, many of us follow while upbringing our children ignoring the importance of safe/defensive driving.

Here I am referring he/his for a boy in the below mentioned learning of a child, in context of moving outside his house /driving a vehicle.  On the similar lines, you may infer she/her in place of he/his, for a girl child:

  • As the kid starts growing up in his home, firstly he starts moving here & there.
  • When he learns to move outside, his parents do not worry to pay attention to where he moves, lest there is no vehicle moving around him. After he takes admission in Play School with only learning to board a bus/van that too under care and supervision of his parents. Driver and helper of the bus/van are expected to be cautious while boarding as well as during deboarding of the child. Non-taking care of the same sometimes results in a major mishap, which may even lead to the death of the child.
  • During the daily routine, he is not made to learn the importance of moving correctly outside his home because it is not felt so important by his parents. In most cases, his parents are more concerned about the education, sports, other extracurricular activities of the child, on regular basis.  
  • At the age between 3 – 5 years, he learns cycling (with side support) under the care of his parents or elder one. At this stage, he is made to learn to cycle on the road while keeping a distance from vehicles, more so from motorized vehicles while he moves in their locality.
  • When he owns a regular cycle and takes rides outside, he is told to drive cycle safely by moving on side of the road and stopping at red signals. By and large, he is not made to learn driving a cycle and thereafter scooter/bike under any expert guidance who can tell and asks to practice him all about safe/defensive driving and to have patient or empathy to fellow movers. He assumes that the way he cycles/drives his two-wheeler is okay unless he gets hit by any other speedily driven vehicle, due to other drivers’ fault or maybe due to his own negligence.
  • After some years, he learns to drives motorized vehicles and feels okay if he passes the driving test which is better conducted in major cities, with little importance at the town level, what to say about the village level?  After getting his driving license, he drives on roads as he likes, only keeping in mind not to encounter any traffic police. On the other hand, if it happens, in certain cases he opts to give cash for the part amount of challan only to a traffic police personnel instead of paying a fine against the official challan.
  • As he has not learned safe driving techniques /skills, he may fall prey to a major road accident or may hit non-motorized person/s.
  • There has been a lot of uncertainty during any major accident. During major accidents, some of the likelihood is as below:
    • The non-motorized deceased, who has been hit by him, may be the sole breadwinner of the family.
    • He himself may die and maybe the sole breadwinner of his family, at the time of the incident.
    • If on four-wheeled vehicle, he may hit multiple persons driving two-wheelers/non-motorized vehicle/pedestrian. In some cases, both husband and wife as well as their child on the two-wheeler may die during a fatal accident. 

Hope, YOU would have gone thoroughly and have understood the importance of safe/defensive driving.
I know, YOU will act positively for the well-being of yourself and even ask your younger ones to learn safe/defensive driving, with No Other OPTION.

Safety Starts from ME, so

  1. I will NOT over-speed my vehicle
  2. I will give right of way to other fast moving vehicles especially emergency vehicles
  3. I will NOT jump red light, in any case
  4. I will NOT drive while/after drinking alcohol
  5. I will wear helmet while driving two wheeler and Seat Belt before starting my travel in four wheeler.
  6. I will stop before zebra crossing on getting red light signal at road crossing and let pedestrians cross the road easily.
  7. I will always give due respect to pedestrians as well as non-motorized vehicles
Hope, YOU will follow same and practice them to become BEST road user.
I can hear YOUR yes, because you know that I want YOU to be safe, always.

YOU will be appreciated and ever be on Safer Side

If You will never do as done by some ignorant people, shown below:
Important Takes:
  • Respect the ZEBRA Crossing, without fail. It is intended to have it for SAFETY of all users.
  • One of the vehicle where pillion rider is a lady without any helmet. Here the driver of that two wheeler need to understand the severity of hit that may lead to head injury and even beyond that, if unfortunately the two-wheeler happens to have a collision with any other two/four wheeler due to the hasty driving of both the drivers.
  • Be careful when the climatic conditions are not normal, e.g. here there was rainy day in one pic. You must move at comparatively slower speed under such conditions, NOT to move hurriedly.
  • Cyclist may not have that much education and brain that he may be hit by motorized vehicles, if he crosses wrongly or in haste. Here, fellow people driving motorized vehicles need to show empathy towards such person and move accordingly.

Are you concerned about your safety?

Photo Clicked in Mohali (India)

If you are, You will not do the above, in any case or on any day.

HOPE You have got the concern and will not do such misadventure. We need you and wish to remain safe, while moving on road.

As Every Picture tells its STORY, So does this

Unfortunately, It is SORRY State of Affair

Whenever you have to get material transported, NEVER make mistake to do the above. Life of many may be saved with making little extra expenditure.

I’m quite sure, You will support me in saving lives.

Understanding Saving for Road Safety

Savings – We, all of us do lots of saving in our lives. More so, we do all possible saving of money in our purchases (direct savings), using energy efficient appliances for saving of power consumption, use of fuel efficient cars for saving of fuel cost etc. However, we do less care while driving a vehicle or being a pedestrian while moving on side of a road / crossing a road.

There are lots of aspects which need to be taken care while out of our homes, to keep safe human lives (ours as well as others around us), to maximum extent possible all the times. Some of those must invariably be followed for avoiding happening of any untoward incident leading to harm to our lives, which are as mentioned below:

  1. We must be vigilant while on move. We must not fall prey to distracted driving, be it mobile phone, enjoying music, talking to family member / co-passenger / passerby and must make best judgment of safe distances.
  2. We must follow all road traffic signals, traffic signs (especially having red color markings in them) and markings for pedestrian crossings.
  3. We must not move in haste and drive over prescribed speed limit. In line with same, we must start early, in order to avoid over speeding while driving our vehicle. Drivers of public vehicles must follow patient driving because safety of lives of many people depends on their driving.
  4. We must follow all safety measures/rules, mandated to abide by in our Motor Vehicle Act. Few of them being wearing of helmet while driving two wheelers and use of seat belts while driving four wheelers.
  5. We must not consume alcohol before / while driving any vehicle and even using road as pedestrians.

By following the above mentioned aspects, we will be able to become safe citizen and will be able to lead by example to our family members as well as for our fellow citizens.

Above all, Safety saves.


First & Foremost Thing – STOP-LOOK-GO

While driving vehicle on road, if there is any sort of change e.g. diversion of direction, lane, change in speed, type of vehicles around etc., it is always better to follow…..Stop – Look – Go ……the must have strategy for Safe Driving.

Practicing the above will keep you safe with no accident and you will keep on enjoying life with your family and near & dear ones.

There is NO choice, but to follow Stop – Look – Go.