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My mission “towards zero accident” can be better achieved with your support. The more YOU actively interact on this platform, more will be the encouragement for me to move ahead to meet the ultimate goal regarding no more roads accidents in future.
Thus, your suggestions are always welcome. Just write “yes” while putting your comments to mark your nod primarily for the said mission.
Wish YOU all the very best.
Drive Safe, Stay Safe and also Keep others Safe.

Safety on Road – YOU must not ignore….

YOU need to take care of the road safety aspects seriously and must drive / move out defensively.
If YOU/your dear ones meet with a fatal road accident, your dear ones/you may not be able to recover from the BIG and Irrecoverable loss.
Your dear ones may include:
  1. Your parents who have been / had struggled hard to brought you up and for your best upbringing
  2. Your child/children whom you love the most
  3. Your brother / sister with whom you have superb bonding and lots of sweet memories
  4. Your relative who may find it unbearable to losse you, forever and vice-versa
  5. Your teacher who takes / have taken lots of pain to educate you well, for LIFE
  6. Your doctor who treats / has given you patient treatment for recovering you from a disease / unwellness.

The above list may have more categories.

Last but not the least, a great neighbor for whom you are a great person.

Hope YOU have got the take, I wished to convey.
YOU need to understand and act accordingly by following safe driving habits, all the times.

Thinking of only Own-self – YOU should not….

Important Takes:

Mistake of anyone like one of above may result in major mishap.

If every body will ignore rules of the road and think of his/her own-self, then the chances of accidents will increase manifold.

YOU must not let the things go like the above. If you can have approach to authorities / media, such things needs to be reported to them, for further appropriate action.

YOU must practice and always follow safe driving habits. By doing so, you will always be able to remain safe even when few persons like above may continue to move around you ignoring safe driving rules.

Please Be Interactive. Your views or a word from you will help in achieving my goal – towards ZERO Accident

Authorities to Take Action to Avoid certain Mishaps

Authorities have to understand that Any Delay may Cost Dear to Road Users.

YOU are required to press upon the authorities, if they can not find such lapses, for its rectification.

It may be YOU or YOUR near or dear ones who may suffer because of the said delay.

Invariably, YOU need to choose Priority

Priority amongst the following, while moving outside your house:

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Show-off

Your choice will decide your fate and your family will have to bear the burnt if you select priority for anything, except SAFETY.

I think you got my point in the right spirit. Wish you good luck and prioritize SAFETY over anything else.

YOUR family, as well as our country, don’t afford YOU to be harmed by any mishap while moving on the road.

Undoubtedly, YOU Must Know

Everything good thing starts from your home. Firstly, if not yet, YOU must read my blog titled “Safe/Defensive Driving, YOU have No Other Option”.

India Tops the World in Road Crash Deaths and Injuries

But following statistics of India will shock YOU:
  1. Number of vehicles in India: 1 per cent of world’s vehicles
  2. Number of road crash deaths in India: 11 per cent of the World’s Total road crash deaths
  3. Frequency of killing a person in accidents: every 4 minutes
  4. Percentage of young adults (age group 18 – 45):  More than 69 per cent of the total road accident victims

Just see the Consequence of Sudden Car Stoppage

Copy the above link and paste it on a new tab/window to play the presentation. Click on the menu button and then click “Auto Play”

I hope, YOU got the message rightly about suddenly stopping of the car by which the Biker not having safe following distance, he/she has made the cyclist crash with the car.
The incidence can even result in skidding of the bike also, leading to major injury to both, the Biker as well as the Cyclist.
Important Takeaway:
1. YOU must not stop your vehicle, even if you are driving your car.
2. YOU, irrespective of the kind of vehicle you are riding, must take safe following distance, all the times.
3. Even if you are riding a bicycle, YOU must have rear mirrors on both sides of your vehicle, which can well be used to see the vehicles coming from behind and will surely guide you to slow down and remain in your own lane and not jumping to adjacent lane.

Who cares! But, YOU need to…

If some of the others don’t….., YOU have to understand seriousness of the issue and act wisely by practicing Safe / Defensive driving.
Hope YOU have understood the issue, I intend to convey.

Parking of Vehicles – YOU may have come across (in India)

Hope the above photos have told you about the emergent situation/ indifferent attitude of their drivers, while parking their vehicle.
YOU must not think to emulate it, in any case / at any time. Be sensible person and great citizen of the country.


Exceeding Lawful Speed – 61%

Intake of Alcohol – 5.1%

Jumping Red Light – 1%

Driving on Wrong side – 4.7%

Jumping Lanes – 2.3%

Overtaking – 7.8%

Use of Mobile Phones while Driving– 1.8%

Driving while Asleep / Fatigued or Sick – 1.5%

Other Improper Actions – 14.8%

YOU are expected to make sincere efforts to zero down each reason, mentioned above.
It is for YOU and YOUR loved ones.