Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 6

I have been mentioning some past incidents, only to make you aware so that you can correct your ways of driving / moving outside. It is better now than to cut a sorry figure, later.

YOU must learn from the past road accidents so that no one gets involve in such mishaps and loose his/her life.

Here, in this post, you can see the consequence of negligence on more on one part which had led to the tragic death of a youth aged 26 in September 2017. The incident happened on his birthday and Roka Ceremony of the youth had been finalized within couple of days, from the date of mishap.

The various apparent factors that when combined had shattered the dreams of the family are:

  1. Time of incident: 10:30 PM
  2. Location: Sharp curve on wide road of City
  3. Over speed of the vehicle
  4. Returning in hurry, on his birthday
  5. Non-protection by Safety feature of vehicle

Important TAKE:

  • Whenever YOU need to drive your vehicle after daytime, YOU must move at speed lesser than your normal speed, more so when you have to pass through any curved road, road crossing, residential area, school/college, hospital area etc.
  • Car manufacturers must clearly mention the safe speeds under various conditions and regularly encouage their customers to follow safe driving practices, as their customer welfare measures.

YOU must be having the habit of Moving Safely and remain yourself & keep others SAFE

Happy Moments in Life

YOU can & will be able to cherish happy moments in your Life if you and your family & friends practice safe/ defensive driving, making it a habit.

If not, I request you to follow safe/defensive driving & spread a word in favour of same.

“जान है तो जहान है”

For better understanding and correcting yourself about safety on road, see my all previous posts.

Pic n Take

At a T-point Junction in Mohali (Punjab)

If you see in detail, a 2 wheeler rider has crossed the zebra crossing on the red light to turn right and waiting for an early chance to cross the junction point.


YOU must not do it at any point of time, irrespective of time of day/night, location, urgency. On doing so, the vehicle coming from the green side may hit your vehicle.

YOU will have to prioritize between the time for extra red light and life, without accident. An accident if happens, its fatality can not be imagined before its happening.

Change has started:

I have been stopping at red rights with no intention to jump any red signal. Today also, I stopped at the same red signaled light point and took right turn after getting green signal.

Many more persons do/practice such required compliance of traffic rules.

Drive Safely to remain yourself and keep others also, safe.

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 5

Woman out to distribute wedding invites, run over by DTC bus

A 25 years old woman who was out to distribute wedding invites, died after falling off a local bus and run over under its wheel, in Delhi (India). The victim served as nurse earlier and quitted the job for her marriage. The woman along with her mother and some friends had boarded the bus. As per police report, all of them were standing near the rear door of the bus. All of a sudden, as the bus reached a location of Metro pillar, the driver opened the doors, as the result of which the woman fell off the running vehicle. She was run over by the rear wheel of the bus. Her mother and friends raised an alarm to seek driver’s attention but by then, it was too late. The woman was killed on the spot.

After seeing the incident, passer-by forcefully caught driver of the bus. Subsequently, police arrived and questioned the driver about his opening the bus doors, while the bus was running.

Here in this case which though happened years back, it is an eye opener for many who travels by bus in any metropolitan city.

Apparently the reasons that resulted said incident which had become cause for death of a young 25 years old woman who was going to be married soon, were Passengers standing near door of the bus and Lack of alertness & subsequent improper action by the bus driver while driving the bus.

Below are some Safe Driving Habits which if practiced will save many human lives:

  • Avoid boarding the bus which has already sufficient passengers boarded on it. If unavoidable, the passenger must not be standing near any of its doors.
  • Driver of a bus must not be involved in any activity/talk which may result in unwarranted action which consequently leads to any fatal incident.
  • Driver must not be distracted while driving, when his bus has more passengers boarded, than its capacit
  • Above all, YOU must not move in haste, under any circumstances. It is irrespective of mode of travel, time, place, urgency etc. at that time.

YOU must follow Safely Moving habits and remain yourself & keep others SAFE

Parking Etiquette, YOU must take care…

Parked vehicles at public place in Industrial Area

On seeing in detail, you will observe that person driving vehicle no. 2 has parked his car keeping good space for himself, but has blocked clear space required for the driving person of vehicle no. 2.

One important issue called ‘Road Rage’ may crop-up from wrong parking & stopping of vehicles, which may lead to severe consequences, to the extent of death of one/more that get involved in such incident.

Hope YOU have got the ‘Take’ from above.

Drive, rather move sensibly and be safe & happy in life

Lane driving..need to understand & practice

If YOU see in detail, you will find there becomes vacant spaces when vehicles move haphazardly. With such practice, many persons driving 2 wheeler / 4 wheeler & even 3 wheelers try to speed up later, in a bid to jump light even on getting it red, at last moment.

Above scenario, leads to number of accidents on roads.

Your family loves you. If still not, needs to develop good driving habits.

I’m sure, YOU will follow lane driving in future, for all the times.

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 4

In continuation to previous posts here is another post regarding Consequence of Negligence on Road. Present one is the 4th of the series:

8 of two families died in a Car-Truck Collision …in year 2014 (Source: Amar Ujala)

  • 8 persons from two families belonging to village Jodhsingh wala of Tarantaran, Punjab (India) were died in a road accident near village Ramgarh on Barnala Moga road on a day during 2014.
  • The car in which the eight persons including 3 children & 2 women, were travelling was hit by a truck coming from opposite side, around 5 AM.
  • Both families had gone to attend retirement function of their relative and the incident happened while coming back after attending the function.
  • The collision was so fatal that approx. half of the car went below the truck and damaged itself completely. All the car occupants were trapped in the car and had died inside the car. After listening impactful collision and cries of car occupants, local villagers came for them and brought their dead bodies out of the ill fated car.
  • Truck driver fled the accident site, immediately after the incident.
  • District police head told that case has been registered against the truck driver and they have impounded the truck.

Here in this case which happened in 2014, you can see that all members of 2 families lost their lives, accidently.

The main reasons that resulted said incident which had swallowed 2 families were Travel during early morning and Lack of alertness while driving at odd hours .

I would like to mention a few of Safe Driving Habits:

  • Avoid Travel during Late Night and Very Early Morning Hours
  • If unavoidable, drive at speed less than your normal speed
  • Drivers have to be more vigilant during such travel
  • Driver must not be distracted while driving in such situation
  • If feeling fatigue or asleep and YOU need to drive, take adequate rest before taking up the drive
  • Always give priority to Safety over anything else

Invariably, follow Safe Driving habits and remain yourself & keep others SAFE

Hope above post will prove to be an eye-opener for YOU.

Is it acceptable to YOU

Ultimately, YOU or your family member / your dear one or your own country person may be affected.

You can not imagine the extent of loss, which the person / affected family may have to carry – for life.

Realize, before if anything unfortunate happens.