Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 3

In continuation to previous post, as I have mentioned that I will share more posts regarding Consequence of Negligence on Road. Present is the 3rd one of the series:

Satirist, comedian Jaspal Bhatti dies in road accident…on 25th October  2012 (Source: PTI and the Hindu Business Line)

  • The world famous Indian Satirist and comedian Jaspal Bhatti was died in a road accident near Jalandhar, Punjab (India) on 25th October 2012.
  • The car in which the 57 year old actor, director was travelling hit a roadside tree near Shahkot in Nakodar area of the district around 1 AM.
  • Bhatti ji was going to Jalandhar from Bhatinda for the promotion of his Punjabi film ‘Power Cut’ which was scheduled to be released the next day.
  • Bhatti ji’s son who was driving the car and the film’s heroine were injured in the incident and were rushed to a hospital at Jalandhar.
  • Jaspal Bhatti had been traveling during past few days for the promotion of his new film.

Here in this case which had happened in 2012, you can see that a famous and middle aged personality had lost his life, unexpectedly.  

The main reason that resulted said incident which had shattered the family members was Travel during Night.

I would like to mention a few of Safe Driving Habits:

  • Avoid Travel during Late Night and Very Early Morning Hours
  • If unavoidable, drive at speed less than your normal speed
  • Be more vigilant during such travel
  • YOU must not be distracted while driving in such situation
  • If feeling fatigue and need to drive, Take adequate rest before taking up the drive
  • If YOU have to travel through two/three wheeler, without giving any 2nd thought, YOU must cancel your long travel during night hours
  • Always give priority to Safety over anything else

Practice Safe Driving Habits and remain yourself & keep others SAFE

Hope YOU would have understood the TAKE, I wished to convey through above post.

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 2

In continuation to previous post, I would like to share more posts regarding Consequence of Negligence on Road, present one being 2nd:

12 women killed as auto-rickshaw collides with bus in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India…….on 23 March 2021 (Source: PTI)

  • Twelve women and a man were killed after the auto-rickshaw carrying them collided with a speeding bus.
  • The accident occurred around 5.30 AM when the women, who cooks at an ‘Anganwadi Kendra’ in an area of Gwalior District were returning home after work.
  • While eight women and the auto-rickshaw driver died on the spot, the others succumbed to their injuries in a hospital.
  • Passengers travelling in the bus escaped unhurt, however the driver of the bus fled the spot leaving behind the vehicle, which was later impounded.
  • The women were supposed to travel in two auto-rickshaws after they finished cooking food at the Anganwadi, but as one of them developed a snag at the last moment, they had to travel in one auto-rickshaw, which met with the accident.
  • The officials later investigated the circumstances of the accident and the exact cause.
  • State minister reached the spot soon after the accident. The Regional Transport Officer was suspended by the state government.
  • Expressing grief, Chief Minister announced an ex-gratia of Rs. 4 lakh each to the kin of the victims.
  • The deceased identified were women of age ranging 27 to 65 years and auto driver of age 35.
People gather at the accident site in Gwalior. Reuters

Here in this case which had happened in during 2021 itself, see the loss of lives of 13 persons including 12 women of different families.

In above case, majorly mistakes were committed by the women themselves, the auto driver and to some extent by the bus driver, also.

The apparent reasons which had brought devastation to number of families were

  • Over Occupancy of the auto-rickshaw
  • Wrong decision by the women to travel all 12 in one vehicle
  • Bus Driver was expected to take care of small vehicles, en route, especially two/three wheelers which are not self balanced as compared to any four wheeled vehicle.

Hope YOU would have understood the Take, I wished to convey through above post

Practice Safe Driving and remain yourself & keep others SAFE

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 1

In continuation to my previous post and after reading above news, YOU must have understood the significance of mistake which one or more stakeholders may commit.
Here in this case which had happened in Punjab (India) during 2021 itself, see the loss of lives of 5 members including 3 innocent kids, all of one family.
In above case, majorly mistakes were committed by the motorcyclist and the car driver.
The major apparent reasons which had brought devastation were
  • Wrong Overtaking
  • Occupancy more than Capacity of Two-wheeler
  • Car Driver not giving space to accommodate mistake done by the biker

“Drive Safely, remain safe and live happily with your family”

I request YOU to share this post with all your family members and near & dear ones. This will definitely benefit them in times to come.

Whose Negligence cause Road Fatalities ?

Are you aware about the stakeholders, negligence on whose part may turn small mistake into fatal road accident.

Consequences of the such mishap can be well understood by THE Family and Near & Dear ones, who get affected due to the incident.

  1. Road Authorities who look after 3Es (Education, Engineering & Enforcement i.e. law enforcement )
  2. Drivers of Heavy vehicles
  3. Drivers of Four-wheelers
  4. Drivers of Two-wheelers
  5. Drivers of Three-wheelers
  6. Persons driving non-motorized vehicles
  7. Pedestrians

The GOLDEN Take:

YOU always need to drive your vehicle safely/defensively , irrespective of negligence on part of any of above stakeholder.

YOU have to drive or move out in such a manner so that YOU remain safe, keeping other road users also safe.

Correct YOUR Understanding about Safety on Road

Necessity of Safety on road needs to be understood keeping in view the growth sequence of a person, right from his / her birth.
YOU need to read further and imagine for those who are least careful while growing up and later becomes habitual indifferent to the need to practice safe driving, while moving out of their home.
After a child takes birth, he/she grows up in the following manner:
  • Firstly, learn to recognize
  • Learn to listen
  • Learn to sit
  • Learn to crawl
  • Learn to stand with support………later stand by his/her own
  • Learn to speak
  • Learn to walk…….then try to run……..later runs on his/her own
  • Learn to ride cycle…..then try to move out on road
  • Ride cycle independently………even in kilometres
  • Learn to drive two-wheeler………..then zoom on road
  • Ride two-wheeler with friend/s……..sometime in triplets
  • Learn to drive four-wheeler
  • Drive four-wheeler, sometimes race past most of other vehicles on the road
  • Drive their vehicles (two/four wheeler) keeping only the following in mind, ignoring safety of self / passerby and even pedestrians
    1. Start their ride on time or many times, little late
    2. Move vehicle at more speed to reach at destination, at the earliest
  • After marriage, drives with his / her wife/husband
  • After passing some years, he/she ride their vehicle with his/her spouse and child
  • During these times, he/she drives more causally while talking to one-another or eating while driving
  • He/She drives fast and carelessly ignoring traffic signs signals & rules, in a bid to cut down travel time for reaching office/back home in relatively less time

While riding their vehicle, with uneducated upbringing in respect of road safety, he/she doesn’t care about the following:

  1. Over-speed
  2. Jumping red light signal
  3. Drink & drive,
  4. Driving on the wrong side,
  5. Jumping lane dangerously,
  6. Use of mobile phone while driving,
  7. Drive even when asleep/fatigue/sick

Important Take:
YOU need to understand the time and efforts taken by his/her parents and even their grand parents for their upbringing and education, but a small mistake of his/her or the driver of other vehicle may prove fatal which will then give life long agony to his/her entire family.
Thus, it is better to understand Road Safety at an early age. After learning & practicing Safe Driving firstly by yourself, guide your children / younger family members & even friends to learn & practice Safe and Defensive driving, all the times
As a good human being, YOU also need to take care of your fellow road users.

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Wish YOU all the very best.
Drive Safe, Stay Safe and also Keep others Safe.

Safety on Road – YOU must not ignore….

YOU need to take care of the road safety aspects seriously and must drive / move out defensively.
If YOU/your dear ones meet with a fatal road accident, your dear ones/you may not be able to recover from the BIG and Irrecoverable loss.
Your dear ones may include:
  1. Your parents who have been / had struggled hard to brought you up and for your best upbringing
  2. Your child/children whom you love the most
  3. Your brother / sister with whom you have superb bonding and lots of sweet memories
  4. Your relative who may find it unbearable to losse you, forever and vice-versa
  5. Your teacher who takes / have taken lots of pain to educate you well, for LIFE
  6. Your doctor who treats / has given you patient treatment for recovering you from a disease / unwellness.

The above list may have more categories.

Last but not the least, a great neighbor for whom you are a great person.

Hope YOU have got the take, I wished to convey.
YOU need to understand and act accordingly by following safe driving habits, all the times.

Thinking of only Own-self – YOU should not….

Important Takes:

Mistake of anyone like one of above may result in major mishap.

If every body will ignore rules of the road and think of his/her own-self, then the chances of accidents will increase manifold.

YOU must not let the things go like the above. If you can have approach to authorities / media, such things needs to be reported to them, for further appropriate action.

YOU must practice and always follow safe driving habits. By doing so, you will always be able to remain safe even when few persons like above may continue to move around you ignoring safe driving rules.

Please Be Interactive. Your views or a word from you will help in achieving my goal – towards ZERO Accident

Authorities to Take Action to Avoid certain Mishaps

Authorities have to understand that Any Delay may Cost Dear to Road Users.

YOU are required to press upon the authorities, if they can not find such lapses, for its rectification.

It may be YOU or YOUR near or dear ones who may suffer because of the said delay.