Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 8

Firstly, I would like to thank YOU for associating with me for understanding safety on road and hopefully YOU will help me in moving forward towards zero accident.

Unfortunately, with only 1 per cent of the world’s vehicles, India accounts for 11 per cent of the global death in road accidents, the highest in the world, according to a report by the World Bank.

Though I have been posting certain incidents that had happened years back, but those still give us wakeup call to Adopt, Follow and be Habitual of safe/defensive driving, for all road users and enforcing all road safety measures without any loose end by the Government Authorities so that safety of all citizens can be ensured without any compromise.

In present post you will see how carelessness had taken big toll claiming lives of 5 persons including 3 girl students of a college of Chandigarh (India) on March 14 2015.

Five people, including three girls died and two others were seriously injured as a SUV they were travelling in collided with a stationary truck on a flyover under construction on NH-1 near sector-6, Karnal in the wee hours of Saturday. TRIBUNE PHOTO: RAVI KUMAR

Here the apparent reasons one or more of which may have lead to devastation to families of deceased are:

  • Not taking up the safety measure required to be taken by the construction agency during construction period of work.
  • Not taking care by the truck driver who had left his vehicle in such state that may invite incident of road accident
  • Not checking by Government Authorities whether the safety measures were being followed by the construction firm on the under-construction flyover site on the highway.
  • Distracted driving by person, driving the SUV
Important Take:

1. Persons driving any vehicle during late night and early morning hours must have to be more vigilant while driving and have to drive at speed lower than their normal speed.

2. Occupants of four wheeled and any other heavy vehicles must take care that the person driving their vehicle does not get distracted while driving, at any moment.

3. Government Authorities has to be strict for enforcement of safety measure to be taken up by the construction companies for all the road construction / upgradation projects.

4. Construction agencies must strictly follow all safety measures for every road construction/upgradation project during course of the project, irrespective of anything else.

Need to shun the attitude “sab chalta hai”

Photo at Kharar Landran Road, Mohali

On seeing in detail the above photos, you will find here wrong state of affair in respect of followings:

Wrongly placed movable disply advertisement material on drain cover, which with other drain covers collectively are used as footpath.

Wrongly parked car, that too in wrong direction.

Important Take: The above scenario and habits may lead to accidents and can be fatal for pedestrians and cyclists who run on leftmost lane of roads in India and such other countries. Government Authorities need to adopt educative and all preventive measures so that such things donot happen, without fail.

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 7

News clip of the accident

Here, in this post, you will get to know the consequence of negligence on part of other which had led to the tragic death of senior international official during the year 2017.

The Myanmar Counsel General in Kolkata died in the morning hours in a district in Jharkhand (India). He died on the spot while the other three occupants including his wife, his driver and his personal adviser were got injured in the incident. The driver of the official was forced to swerve to an adjoining lane when a 2 wheeler came in front of the car, all of a sudden. The car was then hit by a truck, from behind. The state chief minister expressed grief over his death.

The apparent factors that had led to unfortunate demise of the official are:

  • Unsafe driving by the 2 wheeler rider
  • The time of occurance of the accident, around 9:45 AM which happens to be hurry hour for reaching timely the offices / business centres
  • The lack of alertness of the car diver

Important Take:

  • You may know and feel importance of safe driving, but you must impress upon the same to your driver, when your vehicle is driven by your driver. Same must be in regular practice.
  • During office opening hours, YOU/your driver must keep restraint in the speed of your vehicle.
  • Person driving Two-wheeler must drive defensively so that he/she would not become reason for any fatal accident, due to him/her.
  • For reaching offices / business centres timely, one must start about 10-15 minutes early so that the morning drive will not become a hurry drive.

Drive safely / defensively, more so in critical conditions, e.g. morning hurry hours of week days, rainy / foggy days, whenever YOU feel fatigue / sick, if need to drive during late night / early morning.

Seems small, but its effect may be BIG

Small shot taken at a traffic light point in Mohali

Here you can see that the person driving the car has to turn right, but he is not bothered that he must have taken the extreme right lane before nearing the traffic lights.

Above act may seem to be small, but such road manner may result in Road accident or Road rage incident. If something goes wrong, it could be fatal, to any extent.

YOU must not move outside in such a way which may result in any untoward incident. Be a safe rider, always. It is better to be disciplined mover, rather to repent later.

YOU must not …

At one traffic light point in Mohali

Above are photos taken in succession today at around 10:30 am at Airport road in Mohali.

Firstly, the car driver went over the zebra crossing. The next moment, the car driver went past the zebra crossing on seeing the two-wheeled rider who stopped after crossing the zebra x-ing.

YOU must not be amongst the above two types of drivers. If you are hesitant to say yes, I earnestly request you to practice safe driving. Rather, it should be safe driving for all vehicles smaller than your’s and defensive driving for all vehicles bigger than your’s. A small negligence may prove to be fatal.

I’m sure, you will take the above positively and make safe/defensive driving your habit. In addition, you must pass on the above concern to your family & all friends.

Undoubtedly, Authorities must do their part by taking stringent and constant measures to ensure non-happening of such incidents.

Are we bound to live with….

Above pictures show the “chalta hai” attitude of an commercial firm and transport agency as well as the driver of the vehicle. Above photo has been captured today in an industrial area of Mohali (Punjab). The transport vehicle is carrying long iron strips, overhanging from it.
You must have heard number of incidents wherein car / two wheeler get collided with such commercial vehicles carrying either over sized or over weighing material. The consequences of the incidents, happened particularly in night hours had been fatal and resulted in deaths of numerous innocent people.

Important Take:

  • Owners of commercial firms as well as transport owners must not do things for cost cutting which may do harm to others. They must act with due responsibility towards safety of other road users.
  • Authorities must be very strict so that mishaps due to movement of such vehicles can be avoided.

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 6

I have been mentioning some past incidents, only to make you aware so that you can correct your ways of driving / moving outside. It is better now than to cut a sorry figure, later.

YOU must learn from the past road accidents so that no one gets involve in such mishaps and loose his/her life.

Here, in this post, you can see the consequence of negligence on more on one part which had led to the tragic death of a youth aged 26 in September 2017. The incident happened on his birthday and Roka Ceremony of the youth had been finalized within couple of days, from the date of mishap.

The various apparent factors that when combined had shattered the dreams of the family are:

  1. Time of incident: 10:30 PM
  2. Location: Sharp curve on wide road of City
  3. Over speed of the vehicle
  4. Returning in hurry, on his birthday
  5. Non-protection by Safety feature of vehicle

Important TAKE:

  • Whenever YOU need to drive your vehicle after daytime, YOU must move at speed lesser than your normal speed, more so when you have to pass through any curved road, road crossing, residential area, school/college, hospital area etc.
  • Car manufacturers must clearly mention the safe speeds under various conditions and regularly encouage their customers to follow safe driving practices, as their customer welfare measures.

YOU must be having the habit of Moving Safely and remain yourself & keep others SAFE

Happy Moments in Life

YOU can & will be able to cherish happy moments in your Life if you and your family & friends practice safe/ defensive driving, making it a habit.

If not, I request you to follow safe/defensive driving & spread a word in favour of same.

“जान है तो जहान है”

For better understanding and correcting yourself about safety on road, see my all previous posts.

Pic n Take

At a T-point Junction in Mohali (Punjab)

If you see in detail, a 2 wheeler rider has crossed the zebra crossing on the red light to turn right and waiting for an early chance to cross the junction point.


YOU must not do it at any point of time, irrespective of time of day/night, location, urgency. On doing so, the vehicle coming from the green side may hit your vehicle.

YOU will have to prioritize between the time for extra red light and life, without accident. An accident if happens, its fatality can not be imagined before its happening.

Change has started:

I have been stopping at red rights with no intention to jump any red signal. Today also, I stopped at the same red signaled light point and took right turn after getting green signal.

Many more persons do/practice such required compliance of traffic rules.

Drive Safely to remain yourself and keep others also, safe.