Myself VM – I’m an Engineering Graduate from Punjab, India.

I am a Road Safety Propagator. Please continue to read….
No school/college owns the responsibility to teach about road safety to their students to an extent that kids/students get the right guidance for safe driving and consequently have defensive driving habits and empathy for fellow road users. Moreover, most of middle-aged people usually drive vehicles as they are used to and since they have little knowledge/ concern of the consequence of unmindful driving, they can not teach their children about safe driving.

I have been keenly observing the road users in India from last more than 10 years and have read number of news about fatal accidents happened in India as well as in abroad which have resulted large number of road accidents deaths.

Seeing all and keeping in view the above, I have decided to make it MY MISSION and will put best efforts to save lives, to the extent that will see it inching towards Zero Accident.

So, I will be happy and would appreciate if YOU read all my blogs. By doing same, you will be aware of all the information mentioned therein and get updated about the course of action, required at your end. Of course, you will have to act upon, rather than just reading my blogs.

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  1. India will be the most populated country by 2023. I think, now, GoI should prioritise providing enough, affordable and quality public transport, using renewable energy and innovative technology.

    As people are becoming more informed and educated, they drive responsibly, following best practices.

    My best wishes for your courageous efforts.

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    1. Providing adequate, affordable and quality public transportation services by Govt. would definitely result in lesser number of vehicles on roads.
      In which part of India, you live? I have stayed years in 4-5 states of India, but found few road users driving responsibly. It is because of which, there had been and even presenty many happening of accidents on road.
      Thank you Lokesh ji for your wishes. I would expect consistent support and participation for our mission towards zero accident.

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