Wish YOU will understand and practice safety through this Independence Day post

Below photos were captured in August & March ‘2022 and October’2021, at same location (T-junction near Godrej Chowk) in Mohali which tell a lot about indiffent attitude towards safety on road

As per news dated 11 May 2022, the Government of India has set a target to reduce 50 per cent road accident deaths by 2024. The Union Minister also stressed the sensitization of stakeholders for collectively addressing issues regarding road safety. Addressing an event, the Minister said that road safety is a very serious issue and there should be zero tolerance for road accidents.

Government intends to cut down number of road accident deaths by 50% in just 2.5 years, which is all for us. We, people of India must practice all safe driving measures at individual level. The said target is going to be achievable if YOU and every other road user start and practice patience while driving/moving on road. If not yet, lets stop this red signal jumping at road crossings and get freedom from our constrained mindset of hasty driving from our 75th Independence Day. Starting to adopt safe driving by YOU will be the key for not being the reason of sorrows of affected family of the accident which YOU would be avoiding to happen.

Government authorities must put consistent efforts at every level / for all sections of society through diversified and effective manners, because every life is important.

SPEED BREAKER – know its purpose, else…

Road from Landran to Mohali
Speed breaker on left half width of road
Speed breaker on right half width of road

Above photos were taken around a road coming out from a big residential colony, meeting on Sirhind Mohali road, near Landran Chowk. The speed breakers have been installed in staggered way, here.

First 3 photos have been taken today morning to make the accident (shown by last 2 photos) happened around 2 weeks ago on same section of road, understand well. You must notice here that the person who already know about this speed breaker, try to drive his/her vehicle bypassing it (being of half width)

This is the 101st post towards zero accident which clearly shows that every road user must respect the intended purpose of speed breaker installed/made on our road which asks the road user to slow down vehicle for keeping him/her safe at accident prone area of the road. If we continue to make fool of ourselves by ignoring them, they would continue be one of the reasons causing many fatalities on road. The victim of accidents due to not slowing down the speed of vehicles or changing path to avoid these breakers may be the only bread earner of any family or he/she may be loving child of any family, etc.

Hope YOU will understand and will sincerely respect speed breakers on road and will drive your vehicle honestly while crossing road sections having speed breakers.

Govt. authorities must categorize / standardize speed breakers duly painted with color as per requisite norms. They also need to take stern action on those persons driving their vehicles who will be defaulters on this account.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

2 different perceptives at 1 instance

Above photos were taken about 3 weeks ago at Godrej Chowk, on Airport Road, Mohali

It is evident from the above 2 photos (first one captured in the direction of movement and second one on the right side) that there are few motorists who don’t care while crossing even major road intersection which had witnessed many fatal accidents in the past and thus are considered as accident prone. The other perspective is staying back before zebra crossing at red signal which is good practice to remain safe, with supplemental benefit of giving safe road crossing way. Hope women motorists must understand and follow it more diligently because they are key members of their families and are backbone of the society and thereby play key role in nation building.

Wish YOU would like to understand it and will not cross the zebra crossing at red light signals under any situation. It is also worth to mention here that not all road cross sections have zebra crossing marked for it. If it is there, all of us must respect them for the sake of our safety as well as safety of all others, around us.

Government Authorities must make consistent efforts for keeping all road users aware about safety aspects so that happening of accidents may be avoided.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Making aware the Authorities and requesting them to take needful action…for safety concerns on road

Seeing lot of issues in recent past which need immediate redressal by the Govt. Authorities, I have recently submitted some issues required to be taken care by concerned authorities, to District Commissioner, for safety of people on road, in the district Mohali

Email sent to the Deputy Commissioner, Mohali

Above photos were attached in the Email.

YOU may also raise certain concerns which are needed to be resolved by the authorities. After all, it is related to our safety, outside. At the same time, you need to abide by the traffic as well as the motor vehicle rules.

Seeking your understanding and needful efforts to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Pictures tell a lot…Safety taking backseat

Above photos were taken today morning around 9 AM, near Godrej Chowk, Airport road, Mohali

I stopped on seeing something abnormal, as this vehicle was looked tilted, while approaching this part of road, on my way to office. On seeing me stoped and taking photographs of the vehicle, the driver & helper of the vehicle were looked baffled as their vehicle was carrying oversized material and may be overloaded. They thought that I was from some Inspection Authorities. After taking photos, I was successful in conveying the key learning that they will be big loser for only one instance when such act of overloading their vehicle accompanied by any mechanical failure while moving, may prove fatal and take toll on life/lives.

Hope you will discourage such acts and always stay alert from such vehicles on road. Take this real life incident as an eye opener for YOU and others around you so that any fatal accident be avoided.

GOVT. AUTHORITIES have to pay immediate attention and must play their role by taking strict action for such disobey of motor vehicle rules.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Risking of LIVES amid Repairing / Recarpeting of road

Above photos were taken at about 9:00 AM on Kharar Landran road on 7th July 2022
It is apparent from the photos that safety of vehicles, in particular two wheelers were at great risk that day as they are supposed to drive on left lane and can move safely in that zone. It may also be noted that crushed stones to be used as subbase have been blown up by the moving heavy vehicles during more than weeks gap after those were placed for repair of certain parts of the road.
Surprisingly, the Govt. Authorities are indifferent for the mishaps that may happen in such scenario. Till the authorities correct their part, under such situation, YOU must slow down your vehicle and have patience of getting late, which will always be better than getting involved in any road accident.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Stationary goods vehicles on the highway – unimaginable consequences

Five persons of a family were killed in a horrific road accident which occurred at about 6:30 in the morning on June 20, 2022. Amongst the deceased, were two children aged six to eight months only. The only person in the car, who escaped unhurt was 7 years old boy. The person driving the Car was seriously injured in the accident.

Seven members of the family were returning to their city, Ludhiana after paying obeisance at Darbar Sahib in Amritsar when the accident happened. In the incident, car in which they were travelling rammed into a stationary truck on the highway about 25 km from Jalandhar. Impact of the accident was such that the car bonnet was reduced to smithereens while the rear of the parked truck was partially damaged.

Yes, you have got the message correctly that a wrongly parked vehicle on road may appear to be an issue of meager concern, but it can prove fatal and can take numbers of lives at any moment. Here, in above mentioned incident, the major mistakes were that of the driver of the stationary truck to park his vehicle on the road as well as getting asleep while driving the car but families of the deceased will be the victims for their entire lives.

YOU can take a important lesson from the stated incident that everyone must be very vigilant while driving, keeping a safe distance from the succeeding vehicle all the times, especially during hours of early morning and late night. In addition, it needs to be make sure that the person driving car or any vehicle must have taken regular 7-8 hours good sleep before driving his/her vehicle.

Government Authorities must take all measures and to any extent so that such fatal accidents can be avoided and families are saved from devastation.

Seeking your understanding and sincerely following the safe driving practices, to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Road markings- Disregard may prove fatal

Photo taken about 10 days ago, at a traffic light point on Airport road, Mohali

Persons driving their vehicles (encircled) might have considered it lightly, as they have moved to other/ last lane which is supposed to be vacant while vehicles get green signal from other directions to move in the marked direction.

Always keep it in mind that disregard to road markings may prove fatal to an unimaginable extent. It is wise to follow safe driving than to repent later. YOU need to practice lane driving and make it your habit to live happily with your family & friends.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Lets appreciate and follow

Photo taken a week ago at Godrej traffic lights on Airport Road, Mohali
Persons worth appreciation

This time, let’s appreciate the 2 wheeler riders encircled in GREEN above, who have understood the importance and stopped their vehicles behind zebra crossing on getting red signal on traffic lights. Your few words of appreciation for them will encourage others also to follow and practice such good habits while driving their vehicles.

On the other hand, persons encircled in red are such lot that may be knowing but are needed to be taught harshly. Authorities need to play their role for the latter ones to avert fatal accidents on road.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM