Good to see, following RULES

Above photo was captured couple of days ago, during morning office hours, at Godrej Chowk on Airport road in Mohali. I wished to share good things happening sometimes on our roads, that prompted me to take this click. Hope you would join such league of road users by which you may encourage others while theyContinue reading “Good to see, following RULES”

Roadside Vending and beyond..

Below are photos/videos captured during evening hours on Kharar Landran National Highway in Punjab, which call for immediate attention of not only the concerned Authorities but also you, because at the end of the day, public has to suffer or might have to pay the price by falling prey to road accidents. Hope you wouldContinue reading “Roadside Vending and beyond..”

Negligence can be devastating, see

In present post, I would like to share following very tragic incident which must not be overlooked by one and all, after considering it just as a news: A 25-year-old, two months pregnant woman was killed in road accident. The incident took place around midnight, couple of months ago when the victim was travelling backContinue reading “Negligence can be devastating, see”

Parking/Halting on roads….

Below photos speak a lot about the inconvenience faced by most of us everyday, when we find some vehicles parked/ at halt at someone’s own willingness (मर्जी) in our way on the running road, especially in morning/ evening office hours. Is it acceptable to YOU?? We should make Govt. AUTHORITIES to willingness to solve thisContinue reading “Parking/Halting on roads….”

Driving at High Beam – A MAJOR Concern

Below are the photos and videos captured during last couple of months in Punjab which shows that most of people drive their vehicle at high beam, irrespective of whether it is needed there or not: Hope you would have encountered many such situation during your drive at night hours. Can you acknowledge the ill effectsContinue reading “Driving at High Beam – A MAJOR Concern”

Embrace Self discipline, else Administration must act sternly

Above photos were captured during morning office hours, today in Mohali. 1st couple of photos were taken on A-road while subsequent photos were taken on B-road near a T-intersection in Mohali which leads to an Industrial Area. Local residents must be aware of the fact that some road widening work is going on from lastContinue reading “Embrace Self discipline, else Administration must act sternly”

The way, vehicles move on our roads

Above photos/ video were captured during my halt on Chandigarh Ludhiana National Highway, last Sunday. Whereas, below are the photos captured in past weeks near Landran, on Kharar Banur National Highway. Hope you would try to understand the importance of not only lane driving but also where in the lane, one must drive ensuring safetyContinue reading “The way, vehicles move on our roads”

Driving of Motorists on NHs ..

Above are the photos which I managed to click yesterday morning, while travelling in a Bus on National Highway plying on the stretch Ambala – Chandigarh. There was drizzling during the travel time. Hope YOU will try to understand the message I wished to convey through above photos. Whether you drive a four wheeler orContinue reading “Driving of Motorists on NHs ..”

Distribution of 40 helmets..Awakening after Death of Daughter

Recently in an incident, a girl has died while riding 2 wheeler as pillion rider in village Jhirnya of Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. Her brother was driving the bike and she was not wearing helmet. The girl got hit on her head during the accident and she died while getting treatment. After the deathContinue reading “Distribution of 40 helmets..Awakening after Death of Daughter”