Just see the Consequence of Sudden Car Stoppage


Copy the above link and paste it on a new tab/window to play the presentation. Click on the menu button and then click “Auto Play”

I hope, YOU got the message rightly about suddenly stopping of the car by which the Biker not having safe following distance, he/she has made the cyclist crash with the car.
The incidence can even result in skidding of the bike also, leading to major injury to both, the Biker as well as the Cyclist.
Important Takeaway:
1. YOU must not stop your vehicle, even if you are driving your car.
2. YOU, irrespective of the kind of vehicle you are riding, must take safe following distance, all the times.
3. Even if you are riding a bicycle, YOU must have rear mirrors on both sides of your vehicle, which can well be used to see the vehicles coming from behind and will surely guide you to slow down and remain in your own lane and not jumping to adjacent lane.

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