Driving of Motorists on NHs ..

Above are the photos which I managed to click yesterday morning, while travelling in a Bus on National Highway plying on the stretch Ambala – Chandigarh. There was drizzling during the travel time. Hope YOU will try to understand the message I wished to convey through above photos. Whether you drive a four wheeler orContinue reading “Driving of Motorists on NHs ..”

Distribution of 40 helmets..Awakening after Death of Daughter

Recently in an incident, a girl has died while riding 2 wheeler as pillion rider in village Jhirnya of Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. Her brother was driving the bike and she was not wearing helmet. The girl got hit on her head during the accident and she died while getting treatment. After the deathContinue reading “Distribution of 40 helmets..Awakening after Death of Daughter”

OVERSPEEDING … the foremost concern

Two of my dear friends asked me to share below illustrations which undoubtedly shows the fatalities which have been happening on our roads, due to overspeeding and negligent driving. Wish you would always restrain yourself from overspeeding and pass on this life saving message further to all your dear ones. One should not blame governmentContinue reading “OVERSPEEDING … the foremost concern”

Alarm – for Road Users and Authorities

Below photographs were captured during morning office hours on Kharar Landran section of NH, in Mohali. You can well observe two cases of voilation of rules and putting hunan lives at risk, at single instance. Its high time to recognize the wrong practices being followed by the road users. Mindset of Cost cutting and makingContinue reading “Alarm – for Road Users and Authorities”


Both the below photos were captured at the same time during morning office hours, couple of days ago at Godrej Chowk, Airport Road, Mohali Wish, YOU would follow and practice to stop before zebra crossing. Every small move towards safety on may save a LIFE, may be lifeline of that family. Authorities at all levels,Continue reading “Really APPRECIABLE”

Catastrophe for three families of future doctors … a big loss to our nation

As per news “Two medical students died and another was seriously injured after their vehicle rammed a truck on Sangrur road in Patiala (Punjab), in night 3 days ago. Police said that three students from Government Medical College, who were doing an internship at Rajindra Hospital, were returning from duty when they rammed their BalenoContinue reading “Catastrophe for three families of future doctors … a big loss to our nation”

Lane driving…need of hour

During driving, everyone must follow lanes. Wish you wouldn’t do like the ones blocking a part of road, in the above photo. Authorities may encourage people to practice lane driving, by rewarding the ones who are in habit of the same, on certain occasions. However, they need to take stern action on habitual defaulters/violators. SeekingContinue reading “Lane driving…need of hour”

Road markings… respect them to SAVE lives

Above photo and videos captured today on Kharar-Banur road, Mohali during my day out for some other personal purpose, but I could get chance to click and share them with you. See, Govt. Authorities are doing their bit to ensure safety of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians who are supposed to move on left side ofContinue reading “Road markings… respect them to SAVE lives”

Accidents happen for little carelessness

Yesterday, there was the news that in a tragic accident that took place in Lakhimpur kheri in Uttar Pradesh yesterday whereby the truck driver lost control of the vehicle and mowed down a group that had gathered on the road following a minor collision between a car and a scooter, they said. Five people diedContinue reading “Accidents happen for little carelessness”

Wish Good sense prevails

Hope you understand the need to highlight above reality. If four wheelers would continue to ply in such ways, where would the two wheelers and pedestrians find their way to move near traffic signalled road crossings?? Let’s not wait for following problems to subside without correcting ourselves: Self discipline is the key to improve uponContinue reading “Wish Good sense prevails”