Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 2

In continuation to previous post, I would like to share more posts regarding Consequence of Negligence on Road, present one being 2nd:

12 women killed as auto-rickshaw collides with bus in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India…….on 23 March 2021 (Source: PTI)

  • Twelve women and a man were killed after the auto-rickshaw carrying them collided with a speeding bus.
  • The accident occurred around 5.30 AM when the women, who cooks at an ‘Anganwadi Kendra’ in an area of Gwalior District were returning home after work.
  • While eight women and the auto-rickshaw driver died on the spot, the others succumbed to their injuries in a hospital.
  • Passengers travelling in the bus escaped unhurt, however the driver of the bus fled the spot leaving behind the vehicle, which was later impounded.
  • The women were supposed to travel in two auto-rickshaws after they finished cooking food at the Anganwadi, but as one of them developed a snag at the last moment, they had to travel in one auto-rickshaw, which met with the accident.
  • The officials later investigated the circumstances of the accident and the exact cause.
  • State minister reached the spot soon after the accident. The Regional Transport Officer was suspended by the state government.
  • Expressing grief, Chief Minister announced an ex-gratia of Rs. 4 lakh each to the kin of the victims.
  • The deceased identified were women of age ranging 27 to 65 years and auto driver of age 35.
People gather at the accident site in Gwalior. Reuters

Here in this case which had happened in during 2021 itself, see the loss of lives of 13 persons including 12 women of different families.

In above case, majorly mistakes were committed by the women themselves, the auto driver and to some extent by the bus driver, also.

The apparent reasons which had brought devastation to number of families were

  • Over Occupancy of the auto-rickshaw
  • Wrong decision by the women to travel all 12 in one vehicle
  • Bus Driver was expected to take care of small vehicles, en route, especially two/three wheelers which are not self balanced as compared to any four wheeled vehicle.

Hope YOU would have understood the Take, I wished to convey through above post

Practice Safe Driving and remain yourself & keep others SAFE

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