Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 3

In continuation to previous post, as I have mentioned that I will share more posts regarding Consequence of Negligence on Road. Present is the 3rd one of the series:

Satirist, comedian Jaspal Bhatti dies in road accident…on 25th October  2012 (Source: PTI and the Hindu Business Line)

  • The world famous Indian Satirist and comedian Jaspal Bhatti was died in a road accident near Jalandhar, Punjab (India) on 25th October 2012.
  • The car in which the 57 year old actor, director was travelling hit a roadside tree near Shahkot in Nakodar area of the district around 1 AM.
  • Bhatti ji was going to Jalandhar from Bhatinda for the promotion of his Punjabi film ‘Power Cut’ which was scheduled to be released the next day.
  • Bhatti ji’s son who was driving the car and the film’s heroine were injured in the incident and were rushed to a hospital at Jalandhar.
  • Jaspal Bhatti had been traveling during past few days for the promotion of his new film.

Here in this case which had happened in 2012, you can see that a famous and middle aged personality had lost his life, unexpectedly.  

The main reason that resulted said incident which had shattered the family members was Travel during Night.

I would like to mention a few of Safe Driving Habits:

  • Avoid Travel during Late Night and Very Early Morning Hours
  • If unavoidable, drive at speed less than your normal speed
  • Be more vigilant during such travel
  • YOU must not be distracted while driving in such situation
  • If feeling fatigue and need to drive, Take adequate rest before taking up the drive
  • If YOU have to travel through two/three wheeler, without giving any 2nd thought, YOU must cancel your long travel during night hours
  • Always give priority to Safety over anything else

Practice Safe Driving Habits and remain yourself & keep others SAFE

Hope YOU would have understood the TAKE, I wished to convey through above post.

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