Pic n Take

At a T-point Junction in Mohali (Punjab)

If you see in detail, a 2 wheeler rider has crossed the zebra crossing on the red light to turn right and waiting for an early chance to cross the junction point.


YOU must not do it at any point of time, irrespective of time of day/night, location, urgency. On doing so, the vehicle coming from the green side may hit your vehicle.

YOU will have to prioritize between the time for extra red light and life, without accident. An accident if happens, its fatality can not be imagined before its happening.

Change has started:

I have been stopping at red rights with no intention to jump any red signal. Today also, I stopped at the same red signaled light point and took right turn after getting green signal.

Many more persons do/practice such required compliance of traffic rules.

Drive Safely to remain yourself and keep others also, safe.


  1. Anagha says:

    Agreed! We need to practice traffic rules at every time we drive.

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    1. VM says:

      Yes, driving without following all traffic rules may result in accident.

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