Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 7

News clip of the accident

Here, in this post, you will get to know the consequence of negligence on part of other which had led to the tragic death of senior international official during the year 2017.

The Myanmar Counsel General in Kolkata died in the morning hours in a district in Jharkhand (India). He died on the spot while the other three occupants including his wife, his driver and his personal adviser were got injured in the incident. The driver of the official was forced to swerve to an adjoining lane when a 2 wheeler came in front of the car, all of a sudden. The car was then hit by a truck, from behind. The state chief minister expressed grief over his death.

The apparent factors that had led to unfortunate demise of the official are:

  • Unsafe driving by the 2 wheeler rider
  • The time of occurance of the accident, around 9:45 AM which happens to be hurry hour for reaching timely the offices / business centres
  • The lack of alertness of the car diver

Important Take:

  • You may know and feel importance of safe driving, but you must impress upon the same to your driver, when your vehicle is driven by your driver. Same must be in regular practice.
  • During office opening hours, YOU/your driver must keep restraint in the speed of your vehicle.
  • Person driving Two-wheeler must drive defensively so that he/she would not become reason for any fatal accident, due to him/her.
  • For reaching offices / business centres timely, one must start about 10-15 minutes early so that the morning drive will not become a hurry drive.

Drive safely / defensively, more so in critical conditions, e.g. morning hurry hours of week days, rainy / foggy days, whenever YOU feel fatigue / sick, if need to drive during late night / early morning.


  1. Indira says:

    Good information…

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  2. Indira says:

    Good information!

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    1. VM says:

      Better if we thoroughly understand and make safe driving our habit.
      Follow the mantra “Change has to start from oneself”. Every individual has to change himself/herself.

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  3. Shailender Gupta says:

    Surely will try to start little early then the routine to reach destination safely and timely


    1. VM says:

      Good to follow n practice.
      Move safely and live happily with your family.

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