Mishaps on Roads are occurring, Unabated

In present post, which is different from my previous weekend post is having recent news on road accidents, for which majority of people show indifferent attitude.

Source: The Hindustan Times, dated 21st October 2021

I would like to highlight here that all the three incidences of road accidents were happened on same day, news of which was published on 21st October’2021.

In 1st news, an accident happened whereby two labourers on a 2-wheeler was hit by a bus. One of two motorcyclist, 25-year-old lost his life, while his friend was injured in the accident. The bus driver who stopped after the incident, was arrested thereafter and he was booked for rash driving, causing hurt by act endangering life and causing death due to negligence.

In 2nd news, a 65 years old woman pedestrian was hit by a car when she was out for a walk and got injured after which she was taken to Government hospital. She died during treatment in the hospital. The car driver (61 YO) was arrested. He was booked for rash driving, causing death due to negligence.

In 3rd news, a youth lost his life after his motorcycle was hit by a speeding truck which rammed his bike, on a national highway. The youth died on the spot. The truck driver fled the spot after the incident, leaving his vehicle behind. He was booked for rash driving and causing death due to negligence.

Important Take:

1. If driving a 2 wheeled vehicle, YOU must practice defensive driving for all 4 wheeled vehicles plying around you and safe driving for all non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians moving enroute, as of yours.

2. If you are a pedestrian, YOU must take care of yourself and move with patience while on road or on footpath, shunning the mindset that the persons driving vehicles around you will take care of you, all the times.

3. All persons driving 4 wheeled vehicles including heavy vehicles must take care of fellow movers riding 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles, non-motorised vehicles and pedestrians.

Hope YOU understand all the above takes and will start acting wisely from now onwards and practice safe/defensive moving habits.

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

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