Authorities need to wakeup, YOU too..

The above photos are intended to highlight the following concerns which are self evident:

A. The laxity on the part of authorities in controling movement of stray animals will be dangerous to YOU, while on road. More so, when you are driving a 2 wheeler.

B. With the road side vendors available, if YOU, as road user riding any vehicle need to purchase that item, you will have to stop there, for which if you are a riding on 4 wheeled vehicle, the stopping of your vehicle will hinder the movement of following vehicles. As it is not expected, the 2 wheeler following your vehicle may need to stop, all of a sudden. Same may result in fatal accident, if such incident happens on setting of the Sun and after closing of offices/works, in your city.

Seeking your kind cooperation by doing best possible on your part, to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM


  1. Reenabist says:

    Absolutely true , these factors amount to so much nuisance on road,
    All this needs to be taken care of by the authorities😊

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    1. Thank you, Reena ji.
      Your participative remarks will help in furtherance of awareness amongst people. It may also help in raising the issues to the authorities.

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  2. Jag Mohan Gupta says:

    Certainly Authorities need to take some stŕìct suitable action to coñtrol such types of incidents and avoidable happenings

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    1. Thank you, for your understanding and participative remarks🙏


  3. Anagha says:

    The above mentioned points are absolutely of a great concern. These seem to be small things but these could result in fatal accidents.

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    1. Got these safety issues!! That’s great. Be aware of such issues and try to become safe road user, in your life. Thank you.


  4. KK says:

    Good observations! I had a very bad experience with stray animal.

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    1. Every individual must realize the importance of safety on road.
      Thank you for your remarks. Same will make others aware of the importance of safety. Be vigilant and share it with all your dear ones.

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