15th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

In this post, I would like share the incident of death of a 29-year-old pedestrian by an unidentified car, hitting him. The incident happened at around 9 PM on 14th November 2021 in Mohali, Punjab. The victim along with his cousin had gone to pay obeisance at a gurdwara, at distance of about a couple of miles. As per information, they were walking their way back home when a rashly-driven car hit the victim. After getting serious injured, he was rushed to Govt. Hospital where he was declared brought dead. The car driver fled the spot. Thereafter, as usual, case against the unidentified driver of the car was registered under Sections 304A and 279 of the IPC.

The incident must have shattered the dreams of the deceased and his family 👪. But, who cares??

Important Take:

1. YOU need to recognize the fact that if accidents are happening during day time, you need to be more cautious during dark hours, when motorists may not see the pedestrians moving on roads.

2. If you have to walk on road, even while crossing it, you must restrain yourself to cross the road hurriedly. Though, it is motorists responsibility to take care of Pedestrians, but in case of accident, all misfortune will come for the pedestrian and his/her family.

3. Authorities can not be absolved of their responsibility. As they have all the resources with them. They need to make motorists as well as pedestrians aware on regular basis, so that similar incidences are not happened in times to come. Even, they must give exemplary punishment to the motorists who do not take due care of the pedestrians, while they drive their vehicles.

Seeking your kind cooperation to move forward with the mission towards ZERO Accident….VM


  1. KK says:

    Rash driving may prove fatal both for victim and driver.

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    1. Yes, YOU have got it right.
      Thank you Kaushal ji for your remarks.

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  2. Anagha says:

    This is so inhuman behaviour on the part of car driver. We as the pedestrian must be careful while walking on the road.

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    1. Better understanding of safety on road and careful movement on roads are must to avoid accidents.


  3. Reenabist says:

    Really feeling sorry for the deceased
    Careful and careless these words symbolise life and death on road

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    1. Very true. Careful/Safe driving is the key to remain safe on road.
      Everyone must follow and guide his/her near & dear ones for the same.
      Thank you Reena ji, for putting encouraging remarks for the world.

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