Understand..ACT wisely

See the above video, captured on a NH between Balachor and Rupnagar in Punjab, on 26.12.2021.

Hope you would have observed minutely the 2 wheeler rider and understand the purpose of sharing such video.

YOU are supposed to discourage such riders who does not hesitate for wrong side driving and make them aware to follow safe driving by riding in their driving lane. An extra drive of 1-2 km may prove cheaper to any physical injury to such rider or even any damage to their vehicle.

Authorities must play important role to inculcate safe driving amongst road users. Every LIFE is Important.

Fatal accidents can be well avoided, by safe driving habits.


  1. KK says:

    Such shortcuts are dangerous.

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    1. ✅ thank you, Kaushal ji.

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  2. Anagha says:

    Such people should understand that it’s not a game but it’s the reality. There are no more lives/re-attempts if lost.

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    1. Thank you Anagha, for your understanding.


  3. Reenabist says:

    People try to save few kns and stay on the wrong side, we call them pennywise

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    1. People must prioritize safety over saving of time / money.
      Thanks Reena ji for your active remark on the issue💐

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