Driving at High Beam…YOU must be concerned about!!

Blinding glare of the headlights of a vehicle coming from the other side with high beams………

The bright light coming from the opposite direction falls directly on the eyes resulting in momentary vision loss. This temporary blindness often leads to accidents. In India, about 74% of vehicles use high beam light that leads to tragic accidents.

Pitiably, it is unlikely that any of us will be stopped or fined for using high beams or flashing headlights, due to sheer lack of awareness among citizens and law enforcers alike.

Everone need to do his/her part right. Small positive steps by all, will definitely make the road driving comfortable and avoid accidents on road.


    1. 🙏 Every LIFE is Important. As it is associated with many lives, kindly practice safe driving and share my safety posts to your family & friends, at https://towardszeroaccident.com


  1. Agreed, it can be very dangerous. We only ever use high beams when driving in the countryside when there are no other cars around.

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    1. Excellent. Your remarks on high beam will definitely guide people around the world 🌎 to correct themselves on this aspect.

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  2. Jag Mohan Gupta says:

    Every bòdy needs to be enlisted about risk involved in driving the vehicle on high beam lights

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  3. Anagha says:

    Agreed 👍high beem must be avoided.

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  4. Reenabist says:

    Yes that’s true, I think it’s to be half painted , not sure for what the rule is now

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    1. Your understanding and acceptance of this concern is appreciated.


  5. KK says:

    Yes, this blinding moment is very serious.


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