2022 – It is Above all the resolutions…

Firstly, I would like to wish YOU a happy, healthy, prosperous and SAFE new year. I have added SAFE here as YOU can fulfil all your desires and enjoy your life as long as you remain safe while moving outside.

In line with same, YOU must adopt following road using practices till these become your habit:

  1. To follow the principle – See and Be Seen
  2. Not to overspeed vehicle
  3. Not to drive in wrong direction, on road
  4. Wear seat belt / helmet while riding four/two wheeled vehicle
  5. Not to drive after drinking alcoholic beverages
  6. Not to jump red light at traffic light points
  7. To keep your vehicle fit
  8. If non-vehicular, to move cautiously
  9. Not to drive if feeling asleep, fatigue
  10. To take care of your fellow movers including pedestrians
  11. If from the Authorities, Act and Maintain 3Es i.e. Education, Engineering and Enforcement

Keep negligence at bay and be a responsible road user.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM


  1. vermavkv says:

    Very important tips..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, for recognizing it.


  2. Wishing you a happy New Year as well. Thanks for the refresher on good road habits. It’s winter here in Canada and the snow and cold can add an extra element of difficulty while driving.

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    1. Thank you WC for putting your remarks. Your understanding about safety on road and sharing the same is appreciated🌹💐🌟

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  3. Balwinder says:

    Yes very much true

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    1. Nice, you have understood the issue well.


  4. KK says:

    All the 11 tips are very important to be followed. Thank you and Happy New Year to you 🎉

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    1. As you have, all people must understand and follow these till these become their habit. Safety has no other alternative.

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  5. Reenabist says:

    12 . Follow the above rules religiously
    Thanks for sharing them VM❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Reena ji for your understanding and active participation 🌹⚘. The additional one by you is of utmost importance.

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