Need to discourage…

See how many persons have stepped over the safe zone as if they are reluctant to abide safety rules. Safety on road can be controlled by oneself, to maximum extent. Surprisingly, 1st one carrying a door panel and 2nd one carrying overlength pipes which may result in accident, fatal to any extent.

Whatever may be reason/urgency, we must discourage such practices of carrying unbalanced as well as oversized material. Don’t wait for authorities to make everyone follow the safety rules.

Hope YOU will understand the issue, practice disciplined driving and spread the words for safety of One and ALL.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM


  1. KK says:

    Making helicopter out of the vehicle! You’re right, it’s bad and must be checked.

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    1. Awareness and Self discipline on road may curtail such happening. Thank you, Kaushal ji for your participative remarks.

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