Prioritizing…its our choice

First 2 photos were captured yesterday evening, whereas the last one is from the news clip dated 10th September 2019

The 3rd photo above shows the CONSEQUENCE of the incident whereby a car rammed into an overloaded auto-rickshaw risking ten passengers’ lives at the light point of Mohali on one Sunday morning in September’ 2019. Four persons were killed while seven others sustained injuries.

It is horrifying to see such overloading of autorickshaw even in preset times, as if we haven’t learnt any lesson from many such devastating incidents in India. Prioritizing cost over safety is main culprit. Everyone amongst all of us must understand and do our part to improve our mindset in respect of safety on our roads. Same will definitely reduce accidents and help us to live happily with our family & friends.

Authorities have major role to play in curtailing such incidents, but they should not be held responsible for the laxity on part on every individual.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

15 thoughts on “Prioritizing…its our choice

  1. Definitely we should not prioritise cost over safety as money can be gained but if we won’t follow safety, it can turn into an irreparable loss.

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    1. Yes, time has come to embrace safe driving. Otherwise, there will be no option forever, for those who get trapped in fatal accident due to prevailing unsafe driving habits of many.
      Thanks for your participative remarks🙏


  2. Absolutely right. We should not prioritize cost and time over safety. We should avoid travelling in such overloaded autorickshaws. Because doing so will result injuries or death as shown in 3 picture.

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  3. I have seen overloaded tempos everywhere. In small places in Bihar and UP, if such tempos are full, and subsequent passengers decide to wait for another tempo instead of risking lives, another tempo will also not start till it gets overloaded. The cycle goes on. The greed of tempo operators endanger lives of passengers. My concern is that the police constables standing on roads or crossing can collect bribes from bike riders, but allow the tempo operators to continue as such and collect their hafta. Traffic police has to play a pro-active role in this role.

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    1. You have mentioned it rightly that traffic authorities need to do their part for the safety of passengers. Understanding about value of life v/s that of additional money should be brought into their as well as to tempo drivers minds. Things may improve gradually. Thank you Kaushal ji for bringing local issues to attention to all at this platform 🙏

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  4. This is so sad , point is why is it happening when the consequences are known as such incidences keep happening
    Greed , carelessness, stupidity,
    Or no,- law abiding people’s just do kind of attitude

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    1. Reena ji, you’ve emphasized the reasons of accidents, well in short. Chalta hai attitude, hasty driving and greed for money are major ones which have to be attended at individual level.
      Let’s hope to improve the understanding first, followed by adopting the safe driving practices which will later transform to habits of driving safely.
      Thank you, for the participative remarks.🌹💐🙏


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