Wish YOU will understand and practice safety through this Independence Day post

Below photos were captured in August & March ‘2022 and October’2021, at same location (T-junction near Godrej Chowk) in Mohali which tell a lot about indiffent attitude towards safety on road

As per news dated 11 May 2022, the Government of India has set a target to reduce 50 per cent road accident deaths by 2024. The Union Minister also stressed the sensitization of stakeholders for collectively addressing issues regarding road safety. Addressing an event, the Minister said that road safety is a very serious issue and there should be zero tolerance for road accidents.

Government intends to cut down number of road accident deaths by 50% in just 2.5 years, which is all for us. We, people of India must practice all safe driving measures at individual level. The said target is going to be achievable if YOU and every other road user start and practice patience while driving/moving on road. If not yet, lets stop this red signal jumping at road crossings and get freedom from our constrained mindset of hasty driving from our 75th Independence Day. Starting to adopt safe driving by YOU will be the key for not being the reason of sorrows of affected family of the accident which YOU would be avoiding to happen.

Government authorities must put consistent efforts at every level / for all sections of society through diversified and effective manners, because every life is important.

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

19 thoughts on “Wish YOU will understand and practice safety through this Independence Day post

    1. Every bòdy must contribute his efforts to the avoid the accidents to achieve the target set by the authorities for reducing the accidents I sincerely appreciate your efforts in highlighting this problem

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  1. Very well said…. Hasty driving must be avoided and driving on road with patience must be promoted. If this is followed, it will reflect the true achievement of 75th independence day.

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  2. This type of traffic rule violations should not be allowed. The vehicle riders should be booked based on CCTV info and suitably punished.
    I do not see this type of violations in the city where I live…may be very rare.

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  3. Challan of vehicles for violating traffic rules like crossing red signals and over-speeding should be done on the basis of camera footage in all the main cities. Manual policing at every crossing is difficult. This should come from the drivers themselves, as it’s the safety of their lives. Thank you for raising this issue, that too on the eve of independence day.

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    1. Having cameras at road crossings and T-junctions is a must for all cities. Penalizing through challan for violating traffic rules must be wake up message to the defaulters, whosoever the person is. Next step should be impounding of vehicle as well as Driving License of that person/driver, if he/she commits the same violation anywhere.
      Thank you, Kaushal ji for your understanding, active participation and the appreciation🙏

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  4. Being non-serious about following traffic lights depicts that the biker doesn’t know driving rules. If we would not jump red lights atleast, there would be reduction in road accidents at much extent. I wish government to be successful in achieving the above mentioned target.

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    1. “Every individual positive approach which would definitely save life of that particular person and keep his/her family not to suffer from irreparable loss of their family member” is the matra to follow all road safety rules. Thank you Anagha for your active participation and optimistic views 🙏


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