Catastrophe for three families of future doctors … a big loss to our nation

As per news “Two medical students died and another was seriously injured after their vehicle rammed a truck on Sangrur road in Patiala (Punjab), in night 3 days ago. Police said that three students from Government Medical College, who were doing an internship at Rajindra Hospital, were returning from duty when they rammed their Baleno car into the truck which was stationed on the roadside. The injured student, from Shri Ganganagar who was driving the car, was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. The SHO added that prima facie the car was speeding and the driver lost control.”

Lots has to be done by every stakeholder in India.

  • If there are facilities of eating out, there must be adequate parking facilities, otherwise the vehicle must not enter that eatery.
  • Education Institute including medical colleges giving training/intership should give refreshment facilities within their campus, round the clock.
  • The drivers of all vehicles, especially of commercial vehicles must be sensitized for practicing safe driving so that passengers of light vehicles may not lose their lives, in case of any collision, if so happens.
  • All persons, whosoever drive any vehicle must not OVERSPEED, in any case. If overspending was the actual reason of above incident, then it’s the main reason in India which could not spare lives of 3 doctors, in present case.
  • Schools, colleges, traffic police and other concerned authorities have to play their roles be it in education or enforcement of road safety so that such life taking incidents may be curtailed, in coming years.

Practical knowledge of road safety education, Self discipline on road, enforcement of road rules, adequate infrastructure on roads are some of key aspects which must be in the priority list, to improve upon in India if we are serious about minimizing number of fatalities/ deaths due to road accidents.

Seeking your kind cooperation to act positively towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

7 thoughts on “Catastrophe for three families of future doctors … a big loss to our nation

  1. Thank you for raising the issue of this particular accident that occurred either due to carelessness or over speeding, both were within the control of the driver. That’s why families have not blamed anyone. Charity begins at home. Any precaution should therefore start with the self.

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    1. Yes, taking precaution is always better than repent later. Adoption and making habit of safety traits are required at individual level. Afterall, it is matter of life. Thank you, Kaushal ji for understanding and highlighting the requirement of precaution on road.

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