Negligence can be devastating, see

In present post, I would like to share following very tragic incident which must not be overlooked by one and all, after considering it just as a news:

A 25-year-old, two months pregnant woman was killed in road accident. The incident took place around midnight, couple of months ago when the victim was travelling back home in car with her husband after attending a function. When the duo was returning home, the car they were travelling in, rammed into a truck on Kharar Landran road in Mohali. The woman was seriously injured and rushed to a hospital where she died during treatment. The killer truck was left abandoned in the middle of the road after its tyre got deflated. According to the investigating officer, the truck was in bad condition, it bore no reflectors and its parking lights were also not working. As it was dark, the car driver could not spot the vehicle. Then, the police registered case under Section 304 A (Causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code and impounded the vehicle.

It is clear from the above that though there might be negligence on the part of truck driver, two families, one of her in-laws and other of her parentage bore the burnt which both the families would not be able to forget for entire life.

It is never too late to shun negligence on roads for saving many lives, in future. You need to understand and do your bit towards safety on road and also make authorities realize to do their part for providing safe roads and enforcing the rules, without any compromise.

Seeking your kind attention, for your understanding and wish good sense prevails to guide all of us to be responsible road users / authorities….VM

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

19 thoughts on “Negligence can be devastating, see

  1. Really feeling sad for both the families. The govt has to take some initiative and has to make petroling parties who will identify such vehicles and make immediate arrangements for moving such vehicles from the road so that such type of incidents wouldn’t happen.

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    1. Yes, Authorities have to make mechanism of carry out police patrolling (team having alert illumination signs boards) especially at night hours and that too on less/non-illuminated roads. Life of every individual must be valued by all of us.


  2. This is a very suitable evidence of the fact that negligence on road can be quite destructive. Negligence on part of anyone should not be ignored and he/she should be accordingly punished.

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