Correct YOUR Understanding about Safety on Road

Necessity of Safety on road needs to be understood keeping in view the growth sequence of a person, right from his / her birth.
YOU need to read further and imagine for those who are least careful while growing up and later becomes habitual indifferent to the need to practice safe driving, while moving out of their home.
After a child takes birth, he/she grows up in the following manner:
  • Firstly, learn to recognize
  • Learn to listen
  • Learn to sit
  • Learn to crawl
  • Learn to stand with support………later stand by his/her own
  • Learn to speak
  • Learn to walk…….then try to run……..later runs on his/her own
  • Learn to ride cycle…..then try to move out on road
  • Ride cycle independently………even in kilometres
  • Learn to drive two-wheeler………..then zoom on road
  • Ride two-wheeler with friend/s……..sometime in triplets
  • Learn to drive four-wheeler
  • Drive four-wheeler, sometimes race past most of other vehicles on the road
  • Drive their vehicles (two/four wheeler) keeping only the following in mind, ignoring safety of self / passerby and even pedestrians
    1. Start their ride on time or many times, little late
    2. Move vehicle at more speed to reach at destination, at the earliest
  • After marriage, drives with his / her wife/husband
  • After passing some years, he/she ride their vehicle with his/her spouse and child
  • During these times, he/she drives more causally while talking to one-another or eating while driving
  • He/She drives fast and carelessly ignoring traffic signs signals & rules, in a bid to cut down travel time for reaching office/back home in relatively less time

While riding their vehicle, with uneducated upbringing in respect of road safety, he/she doesn’t care about the following:

  1. Over-speed
  2. Jumping red light signal
  3. Drink & drive,
  4. Driving on the wrong side,
  5. Jumping lane dangerously,
  6. Use of mobile phone while driving,
  7. Drive even when asleep/fatigue/sick
Important Take:
YOU need to understand the time and efforts taken by his/her parents and even their grand parents for their upbringing and education, but a small mistake of his/her or the driver of other vehicle may prove fatal which will then give life long agony to his/her entire family.
Thus, it is better to understand Road Safety at an early age. After learning & practicing Safe Driving firstly by yourself, guide your children / younger family members & even friends to learn & practice Safe and Defensive driving, all the times
As a good human being, YOU also need to take care of your fellow road users.

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

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