Whose Negligence cause Road Fatalities ?

Are you aware about the stakeholders, negligence on whose part may turn small mistake into fatal road accident.

Consequences of the such mishap can be well understood by THE Family and Near & Dear ones, who get affected due to the incident.

  1. Road Authorities who look after 3Es (Education, Engineering & Enforcement i.e. law enforcement )
  2. Drivers of Heavy vehicles
  3. Drivers of Four-wheelers
  4. Drivers of Two-wheelers
  5. Drivers of Three-wheelers
  6. Persons driving non-motorized vehicles
  7. Pedestrians

The GOLDEN Take:

YOU always need to drive your vehicle safely/defensively , irrespective of negligence on part of any of above stakeholder.

YOU have to drive or move out in such a manner so that YOU remain safe, keeping other road users also safe.


  1. Arun Mittal says:

    The driving license test should be very stringent. Written test for rules and road safety before Learner’s license and driving test before the formal driving license should be of high standards and conducted with integrity. This will ensure driving discipline and minimise the mishaps on the road


    1. VM says:

      You have mentioned it very well. Thanks.
      Basically, everone including a pedestrian needs to prioritise safety above any other consideration.


    1. VM says:

      Thanks. Please share it with your extended groups.


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