Driving at High beam, Is it okay??

Most of us, many times lend our helping hand in many ways, mostly for the things that were aftereffects of incidents, already happened e.g. blood donation, helping financially to the accident affected persons. Why isn’t for before the incidence, which if done, many misfortunate incidences could be avoided.

I would like to share my today’s bitter experience, for your awareness and making correction in driving habits, particular to drive vehicle on low beam.

Photo for representing vehicle with high beam

Today I had to go out of station for some emergency. I was to take cab for going to Chandigarh railway station from my residence in Mohali. Being early morning, I couldn’t get cab, so I had to take my two wheeler to reach railway station. In a stretch of about 20-25 km, there were many instances where there was no/non-functional road lights. On my way, I had encountered more than 100 vehicles coming from opposite side of road moving with high beam headlights. Due to same, I even had to make headlights of my vehicle blinking for numerous times to see the road, where there was dark on the road. But, to utter surprise, most of the rides didnit lower the beam of their vehicles while crossing my vehicle. I had to lower speed of my vehicle, to the minimum to avoid collision with vehicles coming from opposite direction.

Important Take: YOU must use headlights of your vehicle very wisely so that the vehicles, especially 2 wheeled, coming from opposite direction & crossing your vehicle may not harm either of two. Keep in mind, a 2 wheeled vehicle may get unbalanced during emergency stopping. Help your ownself and all fellow rides to remain safe while moving on road, all the times, especially during dark hours.

Govt. Authorities must ensure that all motorable roads are well lit. If any gaps are there, they must put alert signage to avoid any untoward incident. Life of all, are equally important.

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

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