Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 9

In the present post, you will see how negligence had taken the life of a police officer of Punjab (India) during the year 2017.

News Clip of Road accident during 2017

In the above incident, 26 year old woman sub-inspector of Tarn Taran was killed by a speeding 4 wheeled vehicle which jumped the red light signal in Jalandhar hitting the police SI. The said police officer was driving 2 wheeler and was heading to police station. The police officer was first taken to govt. hospital and then referred to private hospital, where she was declared brought dead. The occupants of the 4 wheeler fled the spot, after the incident. However, FIR was filed against the driver under various section of IPC.

It can be noted here that the deceased couldn’t get treatment due to a delay in the process. Apparently, due to not having the required medical officer/machines or equipments, she was referred to a private hospital and the process of first taking her to government hospital and later to the private hospital took considerable time which was crucial in getting initial treatment to the accident victim. 

Important Take:

  1. YOU need to understand the importance of the speed of the motor vehicle you are driving as well as of the other vehicles around, more so when you are approaching a road crossing, where the speed must be at the lowest level.
  2. YOU must practice and make it your habit not to jump red light signals. YOU, if driving a 4 wheeled vehicle, must bear in your mind that you have to take care of riders on 2 wheelers, as they (including 3 wheelers) are comparatively less balanced vehicles plying on roads. YOUR small mistake/negligence may prove fatal to the driver/riders of the 2/3 wheeled vehicles.
  3. If YOU are driving a 2 wheeled vehicle, YOU must follow the principle “See and Be Seen” as you will be less likely to be hit by bigger vehicles, if their drivers can be able to see you.
  4. Government Authorities must make arrangements so that all persons driving any type of motor vehicle have to slow down to the extent so that no fatal accident may happen in the future.

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