13th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

In this post, I would like to bring before YOU the case of Road rage behind the killing of an Airline company manager in January 2021. Unidentified persons shot dead a 40-year-old man in front of his apartment in Patna, India. Bullets were pumped into the man when he was waiting for the gates of his apartment to open after returning from office on 12th January 2021. Four persons on two motorcycles had gone to kill the man near his apartment and they fled after committing the crime. No criminal record of the arrested person was found in the City. The arrested man confessed to killing the man after making four attempts on his life. The man was a motorcycle lifter and those used for the shooting of the Airline manager were also stolen ones. The motive behind the murder, police said that the arrested man’s bike had met with an accident after being hit by the man’s SUV, which was coming from the opposite direction about two months ago. The accused man told that he had a miraculous escape and that there was a brawl between the two after the incident, which had left him angry. The police cracked the case after about 3 weeks.

Important Take:

1. YOU must not involve in an altercation whatever may be the situation, time or place. You can not predict the response of the other person/s on the opposite side. YOU may not foresee the aftereffects of that altercation.

2. Even if it may be the fault of the other person, YOU must not do anything in retaliation at the same time or even afterwards.

3. While on road, YOU must keep in mind that any kind of haste leads to results that might be devastating to the family of one of two sides and may bring a bad name to the person/family of the other.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM


  1. Jag Mohan Gupta says:

    Ì fully agree with your advice No useful purpose is achieved by arguing with the opposite person It further creates bitterness between both sides

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    1. Thank you, Jag Mohan ji for your participative remarks. An argument once started as road rage, can not be controlled easily at later stage.


  2. Anagha says:

    Let’s not be violent while using the road because this violent behaviour can go to any extent. Have Patience 😌

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    1. Thank you, Anagha for recognizing the violent behavior on road. Your message ‘Have Patience’ while on road is valuable to entire youth of India as well as of the world 🌎


  3. I solved this dilemma by giving up my car. I only get around by bicycle now.
    It’s a win, win, win scenario! Great for the environment, great for my health and great for my wallet!

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    1. Ohh, that is ultimate. But that is possible if the distance is less.
      Thank you for putting your participative remarks🙏


      1. your right, this will only work If one lives in a small town.
        I did however live in Calgary back in the eighties and even than they had an extensive bike path! By now I bet It’s doubled!https://maps.calgary.ca/PathwaysandBikeways/

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  4. vivek mahajan says:

    nice message

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  5. Reenabist says:

    Roadrage is rampant and sometimes life threatening, well done by sharing suc a 🚩

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    1. Yes, road rage may lead to devastating consequences. Inhabiting Safe/Defensive driving is the ultimate way out.

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  6. KK says:

    Cases of road rage are rising. I agree with the tips given by you.

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    1. Thank you, Kaushal ji for participating on this platform. Anger is dangerous, same in the form of road rage may lead to unwanted consequences.

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