Wrong ways of Parking….need to correct

Photo 1: Road leading to Sohana
Photo 2: Road leading to Landran

Above are 2 photos were taken today morning at same place, but in opposite direction around office timing near District Administration office, Mohali.

If YOU want to remain safe on road, you must not be one amongst them who have parked vehicles in the space of road divider/median.

It is also important to note the following and make immediate corrections to your parking habits:

1. Your younger ones will also follow these wrong practices of vehicle parking in future. 2. Such way of parking may lead to incidence of road rage which may result in fatal consequences.

Authorities must not turn a blind eye towards such wrong parking practices.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM


  1. Jag Mohan Gupta says:

    Wrong parking is a wrong and dangerous habit need to be avoided for safety of everyone

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    1. Thank you Jag Mohan ji for understanding and recognizing the parking issue šŸ™


  2. KK says:

    Correct parking of vehicles is beneficial for the owners as well as other vehicles and pedestrians.

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    1. Yes Kaushal ji. You’ve added the pedestrians well. Some motorists have least concern for pedestrians, but they must realise the burn when they become pedestrian while moving from parking location to workplace/market or vice-versa, at some instances.

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      1. KK says:

        You’re welcome, always. Your point of view is important and worth following.

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  3. Anagha says:

    Yes everyone needs to understand that we can’t park our vehicles anywhere. Wrong parkings leads to road blockages and thus resulting traffic jams.

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    1. Anagha, you have mentioned it rightly. All of us always complain about traffic jam, but solution lies within our approach. Parking in right way is the best solution.



    Rightly said….. We should understand that the road dividers/medians are not for parking.

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    1. Thank you, Purnima for your understanding.


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