Wish Good sense prevails

Hope you understand the need to highlight above reality. If four wheelers would continue to ply in such ways, where would the two wheelers and pedestrians find their way to move near traffic signalled road crossings?? Let’s not wait for following problems to subside without correcting ourselves: Self discipline is the key to improve uponContinue reading “Wish Good sense prevails”

Making aware the Authorities and requesting them to take needful action…for safety concerns on road

Seeing lot of issues in recent past which need immediate redressal by the Govt. Authorities, I have recently submitted some issues required to be taken care by concerned authorities, to District Commissioner, for safety of people on road, in the district Mohali Above photos were attached in the Email. YOU may also raise certain concernsContinue reading “Making aware the Authorities and requesting them to take needful action…for safety concerns on road”

Parking …direction also matters

Above photos are captured in an industrial area in Mohali, today evening on my way back to my house. 1st one in upward direction and 2nd one in downward direction Unfortunately vehicles have been parked in wrong direction. Due of parking of vehicles on road itself, persons driving their vehicles are moving even with crossingContinue reading “Parking …direction also matters”

Good things are welcome…

Above Photos captured a week ago, at a newly running commercial complex in district Mohali With the idea to park vehicles in an orderly manner, marking is being done here. Same is required not only for parking of vehicles to the optimum capacity of the parking area but also for ease of getting parked andContinue reading “Good things are welcome…”

Wrong ways of Parking….need to correct

Above are 2 photos were taken today morning at same place, but in opposite direction around office timing near District Administration office, Mohali. If YOU want to remain safe on road, you must not be one amongst them who have parked vehicles in the space of road divider/median. It is also important to note theContinue reading “Wrong ways of Parking….need to correct”

Vehicle Parking…be a disciplined road user

Below are photos taken near a parking area of one of the prominent markets of Mohali city on a holiday. If an individual own/drive a vehicle, responsibility of parking it correctly in the designated place lies with him/her. Such improper/haphazard parking of vehicle may result in damage to any vehicle while reversing of parked carContinue reading “Vehicle Parking…be a disciplined road user”

FOG…we need to be aware and attentive

Fog though stay for some days during winter, every year, it plays villain to the safety mantra of “See and Be Seen”. YOU, me and others can learn a lot from some past accidents happened due to fog, mentioned below: On 24th December, 2018 eight people, including seven from the same family, were killed inContinue reading “FOG…we need to be aware and attentive”

Why we do such things..and repent later

Above photos were taken couple of days ago, in a residential sector in Mohali. Here you can see persons driving the cars have parked their vehicle wrongly, partly on the road in front of a temple. YOU need to know above catch has important learning viz. YOU must not park your vehicle near road intersections,Continue reading “Why we do such things..and repent later”

Seems small, but its effect may be BIG

Here you can see that the person driving the car has to turn right, but he is not bothered that he must have taken the extreme right lane before nearing the traffic lights. Above act may seem to be small, but such road manner may result in Road accident or Road rage incident. If somethingContinue reading “Seems small, but its effect may be BIG”

Parking Etiquette, YOU must take care…

On seeing in detail, you will observe that person driving vehicle no. 2 has parked his car keeping good space for himself, but has blocked clear space required for the driving person of vehicle no. 2. One important issue called ‘Road Rage’ may crop-up from wrong parking & stopping of vehicles, which may lead toContinue reading “Parking Etiquette, YOU must take care…”