Self discipline is the Key

Photo captured at one T-point in Mohali, yesterday evening while waiting behind zebra crossing at red light signal.

Above type of hasty driving on road has been the reason of many accidents which has adversely affected many earning members and their families too. Discipline, rather self discipline is need of the hour, to minimize accidents on roads…towards zero accident.

See, where you find yourself in present times. If not yet, YOU must start obeying the road traffic rules. To start with stay behind the zebra crossing at traffic signal while it’s red.

Government Authorities have also an important part to play i.e. putting and maintaining road marking, especially at all road crossings.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM


  1. Reenabist says:

    Very important point, to be taken care of,
    These little hasty habits have deadly consequences

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    1. Yes, you have said it right. Thank you for the emphasis.


  2. Jag Mohan Gupta says:

    Very true Self discipline n careful driving can avoid many unfortunate accidents

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    1. Well said, Jag Mohan ji. Such concise remarks will definitely encourage people for the intended purpose.


  3. Anagha says:

    Exactly, self discipline is important. Such haste shows lack of self discipline.

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    1. Thanks for your participative remarks. Hope you will continue to encourage others, through your remarks.


  4. KK says:

    When there is no traffic police, people tend to behave irresponsibly. The carelessness and haste are so common despite the fact that India ranks third in road accidents and has the dubious distinction of having the highest recorded road deaths. This is so unfortunate. Thank you for raising this point again and again for public awareness 🙌💐

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    1. Your understanding of the issue and mentioning your viewpoint is really encouraging for many others. I am raising the issue time & again with the hope that things may not deteriorate further. Even through awareness, if lives can be saved, it will be worth for the awareness.

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      1. KK says:

        You’re welcome!



    This point should be noted that whenever we are standing at signal we should stay behind the zebra crossing. But sadly many people ignore this point.

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    1. Your understanding and mentioning your viewpoint is appreciated. Thank you for the participative remarks.


  6. Siva jyothi says:

    Great written regarding traffic awareness…your every traffic content is useful to reduce accidents

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    1. Thank you for your kind words 🙏
      I will be happy if you n your family improve upon obeying road traffic rules, regularly.


  7. vermavkv says:

    very well said.

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    1. Thanks Verma ji. 😊


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