Risking of LIVES amid Repairing / Recarpeting of road

Above photos were taken at about 9:00 AM on Kharar Landran road on 7th July 2022
It is apparent from the photos that safety of vehicles, in particular two wheelers were at great risk that day as they are supposed to drive on left lane and can move safely in that zone. It may also be noted that crushed stones to be used as subbase have been blown up by the moving heavy vehicles during more than weeks gap after those were placed for repair of certain parts of the road.
Surprisingly, the Govt. Authorities are indifferent for the mishaps that may happen in such scenario. Till the authorities correct their part, under such situation, YOU must slow down your vehicle and have patience of getting late, which will always be better than getting involved in any road accident.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

23 thoughts on “Risking of LIVES amid Repairing / Recarpeting of road

  1. Very well noticed👍🏻Rather than the repairing of roads, the safety of people should be of the utmost importance….. The safety of two wheelers is at a great risk that’s why concerned authorities should take measures to prevent any mishaps on road.

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    1. Priority is the key, on road. This is applicable for road users as well as for Govt. AUTHORITIES. However, people especially the one having low end vehicles, have to bear the burnt. Caution/patience while driving can save number of lives.
      Thank you, Purnima for mentioning your views here👍


    1. Yes, it is primarily the responsibility of the Administration. If Administration is getting the job done through a contractor, then safety aspects e.g. berricading the area under repair, must be ensured by the Administration.
      Thank you, Vivek for the remarks on this platform 🙏 💐


  2. While driving the two wheelers or four wheelers one himself has to be careful about the hindrances on the road for the safety of himself as well as others Authorities should also be very concerned about the safety of people Action must be taken for lapses

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  3. This is a good point that needs to be underlined. Callousness of Government authorities should be viewed seriously and culprits must be brought to book.

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