Pictures tell a lot…Safety taking backseat

Above photos were taken today morning around 9 AM, near Godrej Chowk, Airport road, Mohali

I stopped on seeing something abnormal, as this vehicle was looked tilted, while approaching this part of road, on my way to office. On seeing me stoped and taking photographs of the vehicle, the driver & helper of the vehicle were looked baffled as their vehicle was carrying oversized material and may be overloaded. They thought that I was from some Inspection Authorities. After taking photos, I was successful in conveying the key learning that they will be big loser for only one instance when such act of overloading their vehicle accompanied by any mechanical failure while moving, may prove fatal and take toll on life/lives.

Hope you will discourage such acts and always stay alert from such vehicles on road. Take this real life incident as an eye opener for YOU and others around you so that any fatal accident be avoided.

GOVT. AUTHORITIES have to pay immediate attention and must play their role by taking strict action for such disobey of motor vehicle rules.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

20 thoughts on “Pictures tell a lot…Safety taking backseat

  1. I will comment about this blog content clearly later VM , I don’t have time now ..I can say your post is such vehicles have to check by traffic department and control on heavy load and decreases accidents.

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    1. You are welcome, Verma ji. All of us must take care of safety of self as well as others around us. Saving money and time at the cost of safety on road is dangerous and may prove fatal for life / lives. Many breadwinner had lost their lives in such cost/time cutting incidents, previously.
      Thank you for your participative comments 🙏😊


  2. Its too dangerous as this vehicle can turn any moment due to overloaded material inside it and this can cause so much damage to fellow vehicles…. Everyone including concerned authorities should pay attention to this issue.

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  3. You specified a point here which is absolutely right that such overloaded vehicles carry much risk for others. A limit should be fixed by the government to avoid overloading of vehicles and they should conduct regular investigations.

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    1. Yes, you have emphasized the risk involved in moving overloaded vehicles on road. Yes, Enforcement of Motor vehicle rules should not be limited to issues of speed, red lights, wearing of safety gears etc. Rather, Govt. AUTHORITIES must enforce & check regularly that overload n oversized material are not carried by vehicles.
      Thank you Anagha for your participative comments.


  4. Over loading of goods vehicle or of passenger vehicles have been cause many fatal accidents which could have been prevented if Authorities as well as concerned have been careful and diligent Thanks for highlighting the problem

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    1. Very well understood. Rather, you have added passenger vehicles to make this post more meaningful, covering all the road users. Thank you for mentioning the preventive measures too, Jag Mohan ji 🙏💐


  5. Rules are there, even for overloading, but who follows? Government functionaries are also aware, but such instances give them opportunities to extort money. Despite paying extortion money at several points, truck owners find overloading a better option to earn extra money at the cost of precious lives. Thank you, Vikas for bringing up this issue.

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    1. You have mentioned the thought process which exists amongst most of us. There could be many cases of extortion. But, safety lies in hand of individuals. Everyone must rise to the level of thinking that Safety comes first or Safety is the top priority. Extra money should not be earned at the cost of previous / innocent lives.
      Thank you, Kaushal ji🙏 for putting down your remarks and encouraging many others to be responsible/aware towards safety on road.

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