Bike Taxi – HIT & RUN – Loss of Life of DOCTOR

A doctor, who was injured in a hit & run case, succumbed to injuries after three days of mishap, in Hyderabad. The doctor worked as dental doctor in a private hospital in Hyderabad. On September 21, she booked a bike taxi. While going, an unidentified car hit the bike and both bike driver & the doctor were injured. Both were admitted to hospital. The doctor had received severe head injuries and after three days treatment, she died on Saturday. 

With the help of CCTV footage, Police has identified the accused and found that he had no license and relevant papers of the car. As per reports, Doctor’s family is in deep grief as this is the second death in the family within one month. Doctor’s mother was died 25 days ago due to heart attack.

It is not about reading such news, finding fault and do nothing. From above incident, let’s take lessons from it and do our bit at our individual level to circumvent such case:

  1. Drivers of bike taxi must be taught that safety of self and his/her customer sitting on the bike is the top priority.
  2. Customers taking ride on bike taxi must wear helmet, without fail, even for any short distance ride.
  3. The four wheeled riders must take due care of safety of 2/3 wheelers as well as non-motorized vehicles and all pedestrians moving around.
  4. Government authorities must ensure that safety is not overlooked by the bike taxi operators’ company which has to shoulder their responsibility of making sure that their drivers are considering  safety of self as well as their customer and others co-road users diligently.
  5. Government authorities must conduct surprise and frequent checking of driving license and vehicle documents including that of vehicle fitness and take stern action against all the defaulters.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make safe and responsible driving towards ZERO Accident….VM

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

16 thoughts on “Bike Taxi – HIT & RUN – Loss of Life of DOCTOR

  1. All the key points mentioned by you are all very significant and relevant. There are many such cases where a life is lost due to road mishap. Such cases can be avoided by obeying such principles of road driving.

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  2. True. If we follow the above mentioned points, accidents could be avoided at much extent. Moreover, it is necessary that every rider should take care of safety of other riders as well as pedestrians.

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  3. Thank you, VM for taking up this case for your post. It goes to prove that though you are cautious and disciplined, yet, if a teenager student like Ibrahim without a driving licence hits your vehicle, you can’t escape. Such drivers, as you said, must be checked and punished more frequently by traffic police.
    But here is one more point. Bike taxi drivers invariably wear a helmet, but not the pillion riders. That’s why life of driver in this case was saved. It must be made mandatory for bike taxi drivers to provide a helmet to pillion riders too.

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    1. You have rightly added the point of providing helmet to pillion riders by the bike taxi drivers. Here in Punjab, I have experienced that they do so. But, the pillion riders are not so particular about wearing it. One, such case I have experienced while back home today, during traffic halt. When asked, the bike taxi driver said, who is seeing it at this time whether the pillion rider is wearing helmet or not? Adding surprise the customer/pillion rider didn’t said anything about it.
      Thank you, Kaushal ji for your participative remarks and consistent support👏🙏

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  4. Very sad and disappointed to read the incident like of which are taking place every time These can Certainly be avoided if safety measures as suggested by you are followed by every one

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