Caution – NEED to recognize and ACT

Above Clicks were made 2 days ago on Landran Kharar road in Mohali

This post is one of major cautions mentioned on my posts. If any vehicle plying on this road may not spot this stationary water tanker timely during dark hours, it may result in loss of human life/lives. I would also like to highlight here that I have seen this tanker today evening again, at the same spot.

Government Authorities must take strict action on the owner who has been stationing this tank on the left lane of the road throughout day & night, creating silent cause of a major fatality, without waiting for something worst to happen. Let’s rise to recognize this issue before it will be too late to save any innocent life under such conditions, on the roads anywhere in India.

Seeking your kind cooperation to be responsible road user and act wisely towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

17 thoughts on “Caution – NEED to recognize and ACT

  1. Indeed correct…. This stationary tank should be removed immediately to prevent any mishap on road resulting in the loss of life on an innocent. Govt authorities must take the required steps.

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  2. Traffic petrol party should always be there to fine such people.
    high penalties would be a lesson to others but possible only when petrol parties must be installed by police headquarters and fix their responsibilities.

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  3. Well observed, well raised alarm. Any such stationary objects are really threatful for the roads. Respective authorities should be watchful and take strict actions against them.

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    1. Your understanding and encouraging remarks will also make others to be vigilant and act wisely. Yes, Concerned authorities must play their role diligently. Thank you Pranav for your consistent support👍


  4. Rightly observed. It should be brought to the notice of police/ NHAI authorities. If any mobile number is written on the tanker, it should be informed to the concerned person advising him to remove it immediately. As it may be very dangerous to the precious lives of the people.

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    1. Really so vigilant and great suggestions from you. I will bring it into administration and will also try to contact the owner of the water tanker tomorrow and make request for its removal. Thank you, for your great inputs🙏


    2. Parking of vehicles on roads unnecessarily for long time should be challaned heavily to avoid the same in future to make the driving safer for road users

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      1. Yes, heavy challans will definitely make the difference in minimizing number of accidents. Additionally, circulations of photos of defaulters in the city will be effective for the defaulters for not repeating such mistakes. Thank you Jag Mohan ji for your understanding and encouraging remarks for me and others too.


  5. Thank you, VM for raising this pertinent issue. There is also a possibility that such a stationery vehicle may be hit by a speeding truck. There are a no. of such cases on Express Highway. So the danger is both ways. Traffic police must not allow any vehicle to stop like this. On many highways, vehicles are not allowed to stop. What I feel is that on sighting such a vehicle, we should call traffic police. Tweets are very effective in this case.

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    1. You have mentioned your viewpoint very well. Traffic police needs to play their role effectively so that there would be nil chance of accident due to stationary vehicles, on roads. Thank you Kaushal ji for your persistent and supportive remarks on my posts.

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