Selfish act, danger for others…UNhuman

Above photos were taken late evening about 3 weeks ago, hours after heavy rains, on Kharar Landran road, Mohali

This post is intended to highlight that how the owner / manger of the commercial property had been pumping their rainy water outside their complex…to the road i.e. a National Highway here. He/she is not concerned about the danger likely to be faced by slow moving vehicles plying on this highway. Under such situations, persons driving slow moving vehicles would have to move away from water and would be forced to drive in right lane which are meant for fast moving vehicles, in India. Same may result into unimagined road accident/s and thereby loss of life/lives.

Hope you would understand the above issue and spread the needful message for all that for one’s own convenience, everyone must not push others lives in danger on road and be a good human being.

Seeking your kind cooperation to behave humanely towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

8 thoughts on “Selfish act, danger for others…UNhuman

  1. That’s a very irresponsible act that must be condemned and warned. However, driving during rainy season should also be careful and considerate. I have seen how drivers move fast amidst water splashing dirty water on pedestrians, who either fall or get body and clothes soiled. Such an irresponsible act should also be desisted.

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    1. Your remarks are outstanding, as before. Kaushal ji, you have added it well that driving during rainy season should be careful and considerate. Rather, everyone must drive with due care for fellow road users during abnormal situations i.e. during rains, night hours, curves on road, change of elevation, at all road crossings etc.

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      1. Driving the vehicle during rainy days and also through water filled roads should be normally be avoided Houghever if required one should drive slowly and very carefully for self safety

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  2. Risking the life of others for one’s convenience is a big selfish act. Such acts should be avoided and one should become a responsible road user. The loss of lives due to such acts can be minimised by discouraging such practices…..

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