Road Sign – its overlooking risks lives

Photo taken today at red light signal on Airport Road, Mohali. 2nd and 3rd photos are extracted after zooming part of 1st photo

I would like to highlight the hidden road sign of speed limit of 20 (Km per hour) which rather needs to be highlighted more at this S curved section (about 500 m long) of Airport road which is highly prone to accidents. If from Mohali or nearby area, you must be aware of the fact that there had been large number of road accidents near/on this road section, which is near Sohana Gurudwara in Mohali, since it was constructed in 2009.

One of the heartbreaking fatalities occurred here was that of a young guy who was driving his car at night while on way home. He was recently engaged for marriage. That day, it was his birthday and his family alongwith to be in-law members were waiting for him at his residence in Morinda.

Government Authorities have been trying to get the curved road straightened but has not succeeded till date. They must not allow the cautionary system to go dull, till they succeed in getting straight section of road. We, the road users must adopt safe driving practices, more so by adhering to the speed limits prescribed at various sections of road.

Seeking your kind cooperation to be responsible Govt. Authority / road user and act wiselèy towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

12 thoughts on “Road Sign – its overlooking risks lives

    1. Carelessness on the part of Authorities in maintaining road safety signals and precautions prove very fatal Road users should keep this in mind while driving

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    1. The regular road users of this section of road know it well. Persons driving motor vehicle here on this road may not get them alert and may become victim of the mishap, liked to happen due to non maintenance of the road signs by Authorities on such black spots.

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  1. I agree, it must be visible to naked eyes from a distance. But growing branch trees or hoardings irresponsibly put by political leaders or corporates hide the sign boards. It’s really neglect by authorities concerned, who should be pulled up for the dereliction of duties.

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    1. Yes, you have emphasized it well to keep the road signs well maintained and strict action should be taken for the irresponsible official of tge Authorities concerned.
      Thank you, for your participative and clear views for all including the Govt. Authorities🙏

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