From THIS Diwali, Let’s ensure that ALL celebrate their festivals happily

All of us are celebrating Diwali today, at our homes, with our family members and dear ones. But, I could not resist myself from sharing a sad news today on Diwali itself “15 UP Labourers Going Home for Diwali Dead in Madhya Pradesh Bus Accident”. Imagine, what would have been there at homes of the deceased labourers, this Diwali.

As per the news dated 22nd October 2022, following are the points which have been extracted for your information:

  1. The bus, with about 100 people onboard, was on its way to Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur when it collided with a stationary truck near Suhagi Pahari in Rewa late night.
  2. The truck was stranded on the highway because it had an accident with another truck, officials said.
  3. The bus then rammed into the stationary truck from behind.
  4. Police said a case has been registered and investigation is underway to ascertain the exact cause of accident.
  5. State Chief Minister has announced monetary compensation for the families of people who died in the accident and also for the critically injured.

The Hon’ble President of India and the Prime Minister of India have expressed grief for the victims of the accident.

But the said incident asks again the glaring question “Why such accidents happen one after another after some time, may be at different places/states in India ?”. After completing the investigations, can the Administration / Authorities ensure that such incident of collision of a bus with a stationary truck will surely not happen in future.

In September 2022, former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry was killed in a car accident on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway, about 110 km from Mumbai.  You might be aware that after the death of Mr. Cyrus, the government swung into action and issued a draft notification introducing a new set of rules wherein automakers will have to provide seat belt reminders to all the occupants mandatorily.

Likewise, there is no less than an urgent need to issue a notification / order and make it mandatory not to park or hold any vehicle especially goods vehicle during dark hours. If for any reason, a vehicle has to be kept stationary on road, its parking lights must be on during the period of its holding on the road. There must be stern action for the defaulters who make violation of this rule. Keeping the gravity of the consequences as in the above mentioned bus accident, the Govt. Authorities must penalize the defaulters harshly e.g. the stationary vehicle may be confiscated permanently and driving license of the driver of the stationary vehicle may be cancelled immediately, that too for rest of his entire life.

Seeking your understanding and needful efforts to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

10 thoughts on “From THIS Diwali, Let’s ensure that ALL celebrate their festivals happily

  1. Very good suggestions need to be followed by the authorities Authorities Strict action are required to be taken against defaulting officials to save the precious lives

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  2. In the instant case, you have mentioned that the truck with whom bus rammed into, had itself met with accident with another truck. In such a case, we can’t blame the stationery truck. Bus driver is more to be blamed. In a recent accident on Bandra Worli sea link, a speeding vehicle rammed into three vehicles including an ambulance that had halted to provide help to a group of people injured already injured in an accident. And it all happened within a span of five minutes, and so authorities could not barricade the area. But the driver who rammed his car was found to be a serial traffic offender with 52 e-challans issued against him.

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    1. You are mentioned it correctly to large extent that we can not blame the stationary truck in the stated incident of bus ramming into stationary truck. Morever, Authorities may not have defined clear way to deal such situation including the one also mentioned by you. But, the innocent public or nearby road users have to sacrifice their lives to any extent due to undefined wayout / protection needed at such instance of high risk. The immediate way-out is to keep parking light ON for the time by which any vehicle is needed to keep stationary on road or to keep reflective traffic furniture behind the stationary vehicle, to keep alerting the following vehicles.
      Thank you Kaushal ji for your participative remarks and keeping others aware of such situation 🙏

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