Conscious Decisions.. Must to ensure safety on road

Consciousness is to see the unforseen.Highways have uplifted the lifestyle of small towns dwellers in a good way. All the facilities pertaining to medical, education, profession etc. have been available a few minutes driving distance from any town through easy approach of good quality highways. This has happened due to increased safety and speed onContinue reading “Conscious Decisions.. Must to ensure safety on road”

Improving visibility on road….worth appreciation

Installation and operating new lighting on the road, by Govt. Authorities is a welcome step and worth appreciation. Same will help in preventing accidents of local residents and others which use/ will pass through this section of road. YOU amongst all of us need to follow, practice and be habitual safe/defensive rider all the times.Continue reading “Improving visibility on road….worth appreciation”

Thinking of only Own-self – YOU should not….

Important Takes: Mistake of anyone like one of above may result in major mishap. If every body will ignore rules of the road and think of his/her own-self, then the chances of accidents will increase manifold. YOU must not let the things go like the above. If you can have approach to authorities / media,Continue reading “Thinking of only Own-self – YOU should not….”

Invariably, YOU need to choose Priority

Priority amongst the following, while moving outside your house: Speed Safety Show-off Your choice will decide your fate and your family will have to bear the burnt if you select priority for anything, except SAFETY. I think you got my point in the right spirit. Wish you good luck and prioritize SAFETY over anything else.Continue reading “Invariably, YOU need to choose Priority”

Safety Starts from ME, so

I will NOT over-speed my vehicle I will give right of way to other fast moving vehicles especially emergency vehicles I will NOT jump red light, in any case I will NOT drive while/after drinking alcohol I will wear helmet while driving two wheeler and Seat Belt before starting my travel in four wheeler. IContinue reading “Safety Starts from ME, so”