2 different perceptives at 1 instance

Above photos were taken about 3 weeks ago at Godrej Chowk, on Airport Road, Mohali It is evident from the above 2 photos (first one captured in the direction of movement and second one on the right side) that there are few motorists who don’t care while crossing even major road intersection which had witnessedContinue reading “2 different perceptives at 1 instance”

Lets appreciate and follow

This time, let’s appreciate the 2 wheeler riders encircled in GREEN above, who have understood the importance and stopped their vehicles behind zebra crossing on getting red signal on traffic lights. Your few words of appreciation for them will encourage others also to follow and practice such good habits while driving their vehicles. On theContinue reading “Lets appreciate and follow”

YOU must not …

Above are photos taken in succession today at around 10:30 am at Airport road in Mohali. Firstly, the car driver went over the zebra crossing. The next moment, the car driver went past the zebra crossing on seeing the two-wheeled rider who stopped after crossing the zebra x-ing. YOU must not be amongst the aboveContinue reading “YOU must not …”

YOU will be appreciated and ever be on Safer Side

If You will never do as done by some ignorant people, shown below: Important Takes: Respect the ZEBRA Crossing, without fail. It is intended to have it for SAFETY of all users. One of the vehicle where pillion rider is a lady without any helmet. Here the driver of that two wheeler need to understandContinue reading “YOU will be appreciated and ever be on Safer Side”