Good things…worth appreciation

The above picture was taken around 3PM a couple of days before in Mohali, Punjab.

Here as you see, most of vehicles are following Lane Driving, which has to be appreciated.

By doing so, all vehicles will pass the road cross section with minimum road space and in least time. In addition, there will be nil chance of road rage.

If YOU are also following the road discipline, as shown by the persons of above vehicles, you are good road user and amongst the best citizens of the country.

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident.


  1. Anagha says:

    Really appreciable 👍

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    Its wonderful to tell not only the mistakes of driving and precautions while driving but also to appreciate good road users in India. This will encourage everyone to follow discipline while on the road.

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    1. Great💫.
      You have got my mission rightly. Thank you for your remarks.

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  3. Reenabist says:

    Absolutely true ,
    Discipline pays🕵️

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    1. Very well said. Thank you for your understanding and putting your views. This will surely encourage all persons, world over, to practice discipline while moving on road.


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