Making aware the Authorities and requesting them to take needful action…for safety concerns on road

Seeing lot of issues in recent past which need immediate redressal by the Govt. Authorities, I have recently submitted some issues required to be taken care by concerned authorities, to District Commissioner, for safety of people on road, in the district Mohali

Email sent to the Deputy Commissioner, Mohali

Above photos were attached in the Email.

YOU may also raise certain concerns which are needed to be resolved by the authorities. After all, it is related to our safety, outside. At the same time, you need to abide by the traffic as well as the motor vehicle rules.

Seeking your understanding and needful efforts to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

20 thoughts on “Making aware the Authorities and requesting them to take needful action…for safety concerns on road

  1. Raising traffic concerns with photographs attached is a solid way of present yourself as a responsible citizen in the eyes of top officials.

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    1. Safety on road, is a matter of serious concern which gets highlighted if some mishap takes place. Its seriousness needs to recognized at individual level. Government has placed rules but many people abide the rules for the sake of avoiding challan.
      Everyone must recognize the need of safety on road and act accordingly. Thank you, Vivek for your participative remarks 🙏🌹💐


  2. It is very appreciable for bringing the problem to the notice of the Authorities by very persons so that they are awakened and are compelled to take remedial action

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    1. That’s right. Making aware the Authorities about the safety concerns on road, by considerable number of people who use those roads would make the difference in getting safe movement environment.
      Thank you, Jag Mohan ji🙏 for your understanding and encouraging many to bring the problems to the authorities.


  3. I admire your concern and initiative of bringing such useful points in the notice of govt. authorities. I hope that they will pay attention to these and which in turn would help in improving road safety……

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    1. Thank you Purnima for your constant support and encouraging me as well as others to make all possible efforts for increasing safety on road and averting any fatality. Your optimistic views on this post is appreciable.


  4. I’m glad that you have addressed email to the concerned authority with photos that will certainly elicit some positive response. Safety concerns as raised by you are of utmost importance.

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    1. Thank you for your optimistic views and putting same on this platform, Kaushal ji. Hope, more people would keep the authorities aware about the safety concerns in their area so that the authorities take correction action, helping public in getting safer conditions on road.

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    1. So nice to have words of appreciation from you🙏🌹.
      Thank you for your understanding and it would be great favour if you share my posts with your family, friends and other extended contacts. May be, anything may be life saver for anyone, after practicing any of safe driving aspects / alerts mentioned in my posts.

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