Parking – Issue of prominence

Above photos are enough to show present situation of vehicular population in cities, that too in parking areas of major markets.

It is very much clear from 3rd photo above that it is hard nut to crack for the white car while getting out of parking area of a market in SAS Nagar (Mohali). Such situation may be seen in many urban markets in India. Possible solutions are making entry and exit points of the parking area specified, maintenance of marking even for two wheelers parking and taking account of capacity and number of vehicles getting in and out of the parking area.

We, all of us must think and act in positive ways by adopting self disciplined driving and parking habits. Same will result in many benefits including lowering the road rage cases, saving time in the parking area, transferring disciplined parking culture to our coming generations. Govt. Authorities must not limit their roles upto creation of infrastructure e.g. roads, parking areas etc. for the public. In addition of issuing challans to the defaulters / violators of traffic rules, they must take lead in educating and encouraging public to be responsible road users. Rest, all depends upon everyone of us …….

Seeking your kind cooperation to make it possible towards ZERO Accident….VM

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Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

12 thoughts on “Parking – Issue of prominence

  1. Very well said….. Disciplined driving and parking habits must be encouraged. Government authorities should spread awareness among road users for such good practices and should make everyone disciplined road users.

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  2. Parking of vehicles is definitely big problem in major cities Even if parking areas may have been defined but the same may not be enough for parking of many of the vehicles and secondly people are not disciplined to park their vehicles properly The attends must be guided properly to make sure that only prescribed number of vehicles are allowed to be parked and that too in proper way

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    1. Your remarks cover all best solutions and must be taken care by one & all. Authorities, too have to be proactive in creating environment to adopt requisite parking techniques. Thank you, Jag Mohan ji for your valuable remarks💯🙏


  3. Vehicle parking, nowadays, has become very difficult not just because increase in no. of vehicles but also due to improper parking. I appreciate that you highlighted such issue.

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  4. Parking places in big cities are normally managed by contractors who charge a fee, but ensure proper parking with easy in and out. But where it’s open parking, individual responsibility and administration’s role become more important. Normally to save our own time, we park our vehicles wrongly causing inconvenience to self and others too. Thank you, VM for highlighting this issue of prime importance.

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    1. You have emphasized the problem of parking very well. However, the responsibility of regulating the parking should rest with principal authority, which happens to be concerned Govt. Authorities. Inculcating good habits of taking care of others on road as well as in parking space can solve many problems. Let’s all elders practice discipline in driving as well as for parking & unparking their vehicles. Same will result in adopting such good habits by our coming generations.
      Thank you Kaushal ji for your persistent encouragement at this platform 🙏

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